Pumice stone lifts and removes pet hair

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A pumice stone can be used to remove cat and dog care from fabrics (on sofas?) or in cars for example. I think it is better suited to cars. The video shows how it is done. It seems that the pumice stone drags the hair into a ball because it is naturally abrasive and irregular in shape at its edge. The hair can then be removed with a vacuum cleaner.

I have never heard a pumice stone being used like this but there it is, it seems to work. Having seen the video, I only have one possible objection and that is whether the abrasive nature of a pumice stone may damage fabrics in the home. In the video we see it being used on a car carpet which is made of synthetic materials and which is very tough. There’s no problem or possibility of the carpet being damaged by the pumice stone. But what about an expensive sofa with a very attractive fabric covering it? Might the stone damage in a small way but cumulative way an expensive fabric?

It is probably best used on carpets in the home. Although a standard vacuum cleaner will remove hair from a carpet so I can’t see a huge advantage there. Perhaps a vacuum cleaner will not remove pet hair as effectively as a pumice stone.

Also, I don’t see it as being any better than a velvet lint brush which are incredible effective at removing pet hair from furniture. And using a pumice stone or lint brush is quiet. This is important if your cat is in the room.

Despite the possible negatives, I am putting it out there in a short post because somebody might like to try it out and if you do I would very much appreciate it if you would write a comment about your experience.

P.S. Pumice is a type of volcanic rock formed when superheated rock under pressure is ejected into the atmosphere. It is usually used as an abrasive to remove dead skin from feet. That’s my knowledge of it. I don’t use it.

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