Puppykat – rare cat breed 2022 – does it exist?

The name Puppykat Puppykat is interesting. It conjures up a vision of a half dog half cat! But no wait. This experimental breed is, in fact, a three way cross of a Manx cat, a Scottish Fold cat and a polydactyl cat.


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Update May 27, 2022: the Rare and Exotic Cat Feline Registry still has a page on this cat breed. They do not have a photograph but they do have a breed standard. It seems to me that no one is breeding this cat. I would suspect that there are no individuals of this cat breed on the planet! There are some doubts about this registry. But they still have a website. My gut feeling is that it is a semi-dormant website unless they can tell me otherwise.

Now when I see that mix, I see trouble. And I am sure that is what the people at the cat registries thought too. What I mean is that there are three different genetic “defects” (for want of a better description) at work (a) the gene that affects the cartilage that produces the short or no tail – the Manx cat (b) the gene that affects the cartilage that produces the folded ear pinnae (ear flaps) – the Scottish Fold and (c) the gene that results in a cat having more than the usual number of toes – the polydactyl cat.

The question I am sure that the people at the cat associations asked was, “how do these genetic defects interact”. When you combine them in one cat breed what happens? It is debatable whether the breeding of either or both of the Manx and the Scottish Fold is viable and proper as the genes in both cases produce other defects as well as the defect that makes the breed what it is. For example, the Manx cat suffers from Manx Syndrome. The Scottish Fold suffers from thickening of the tail and feet. Obviously, breeders manage this but some people would argue that these breeds should not be bred never mind a mix of the two plus a polydactyl cat thrown in as well!

Anyway, I am not going to give an opinion on that save to say this breed is experimental and will no doubt stay that way. I sense that the world has changed since what might be considered the heyday of cat breeding which was perhaps in the middle of the last century. People are wiser now and more controls are gradually being introduced it seems. One last point. I think the name Puppykat was a result of the fact that the breeder intended these cats to be dog like in character. But I don’t know where that will come from as the Manx and Scottish Fold are not particularly known to be dog like. The wildcat hybrids are, however. As I understand it the founding polydactyl is a moggie with dog like traits. But I am not at all sure. The public will probably say that with all the beautiful homeless moggies around why create another cat breed, particularly one that is so defective.

There are no photographs of this breed as far as I am aware. If you can assist, I’d be pleased to hear from you. Go to Have a Say and upload the picture – thanks.

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