by Ruth

My dream is that empathic understanding..

‘putting ourselves in their paws’

..will inspire a new purrception and an unconditional regard that embraces the totality of felines and all living beings.

The beautiful words above were written by Bret Glass of CatAWhack:


and those words inspired this article and poster.

Bret, who is obviously a true cat lover, makes furniture especially for cats.

By educating about the need of cats to scratch and by providing this furniture, he is a great anti declaw advocate.

It’s a very good idea to put yourself in your cat’s place and experience for yourself from his viewpoint, the world he lives in.

A cat is totally dependent on his caretaker for food, comfort, love and of course the more unpleasant part of the care, being taken to the vets when necessary.

A cat can’t choose what he wants for dinner, he can’t open a door and go where he wants to go, he can’t read or watch TV to pass some time away.
His welfare and fulfilment as a cat is entirely down to his caretaker.

Sadly if he falls into the hands of a person who doesn’t give a thought to his needs, he doesn’t live the happy life all cats deserve to live.

Worse still if he falls into the hands of a person who knows so little about cats that they have his very essential toe ends/claws taken from him, he lives a disabled and sometimes pain filled life.

No one should take a cat into their home without first giving a lot of thought about if they have time for him and if they can provide him with all that cats need, including a scratching post for the necessary exercise he needs to stay healthy and content.

A cat is not a possession to take home and take notice of only now and again, he is not a toy for a child, he is a living feeling being with the right to be understood.

I agree with Bret’s words:

‘Putting ourselves in their paws’ will inspire a new purrception and regard for cats.

I think it is the only way we can even begin to understand the reality of our world, as seen by a cat.

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May 23, 2012 I think you’ve hit the nail on the head! NEW
by: Leah, England (Where we don’t de-claw)

Brilliant article!

I agree I really don’t think you should get a cat if you have no idea what they are all about. So many people think they can treat cats as dogs for example when although cats and dogs get on they are as different as night and day!

People who de-claw really have no clue about cats or maybe they do and just don’t care which is far far worse.

Cats are so sensitive and should be treated as such they shouldn’t be mauled, dressed up or treated like a dog they should be respected and they should never ever be de-clawed!!!

May 14, 2012 I love this NEW
by: Rose

Great article and poster as always Ruth.
I love the comparisons,especially the giant cat against the small snivelling man,yes I can just imagine the people who have their cats declawed snivelling like that if the roles were reversed.

May 13, 2012 Too true NEW
by: Barbara

Too true this, people SHOULD stop and think and put themselves in their cat’s position of having nothing. Everything a cat has is “given” to him, food is given,clean water is given, shelter is given, toys are given, medical care is given. A human decides if he can ever leave the house, ever enter the house, can keep his toe ends, can keep his testicles. What time he eats, what time he should sleep, which rooms he may enter, if he may sleep on sofa or bed, whether his litter box will be clean or dirty, where it will be positioned in relation to his food area, whether he will be required to wear a collar. It depends on the human whether or not a door shall be opened, whether or not the house will be warm or if the heating will be on a timer to operate only when human family are in the home.
I have felt guilty when thinking about all this in the past that I am lucky enough to have opposable thumbs, I can open doors and tins and our cats can only wait and hope that we do as they want us to do. We humans hold all the power over animals and really that isn’t fair is it? No! It isn’t, when you consider how humans so often abuse that power. Thanks Ruth for another enlightening poster and article.

Barbara avatar

May 13, 2012 Best yet NEW
by: Edward

Man you are a genius your poster is the best yet and shows we should see the world from our cats place and if people did I think cats would be much better treated.
The man declawed is great seeing exactly how it feels.
I like the KatWhack site.

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