Putin’s Drawing of Cat’s Bottom

What does Putin’s drawing of a cat’s bottom tell us about Putin? Perhaps nothing. He drew the sketch in September 2013 when visiting a school in the Kurgan region of Russia. A pupil asked him what he had drawn and he replied, “It’s a cat. The rear view.”

Putin drawing of cat's bottom
Putin drawing of cat’s bottom
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The drawing is being used to sell chocolate bars in a candy store in Russia’s Ural region. The president disapproves of the use of his artwork for commercial purposes! Far enough but this is the reason why this infamous drawing is back in the news….

Putin's drawing cats bottom  to sell chocolate
Putin’s drawing of a cat’s bottom is used to sell chocolate.

The chocolate bar wrapper with the drawing is signed off “Vova, aged 60″. Apparentely Vova is a diminutive version of Vladimir. The words accompanying it, in Russian of course, are those used by Putin, “It’s a cat. The rear view.”

Personally, I’m not bothered about the use of his artwork for commercial purposes. What interests me is why, of all the things that he could have drawn, did he draw the rear end of a domestic cat and, dare I said, in such a gross way.

I don’t know whether I am alone on this but there is something rather obnoxiously, sexually deviant about his drawing. Perhaps my imagination is running riot but that’s the way I see it. What do you see?


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7 thoughts on “Putin’s Drawing of Cat’s Bottom”

  1. Well_ this is one way of thinking !!
    Just do not get why a person would be focused on the tail end ?
    It is a funny drawing.
    Does he know that when a cat presents itself in this way it is being submissive and at the same time accepting him as a trusted friend.
    The cats sensors for smell are 10x stronger than the humans. LOL


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