PYTHON KILLS CAT!!! shouts snake catcher resulting in cat hating fest and Facebook arguments

Python kills domestic cat in Australia
Python kills domestic cat in Australia. Photo: Snake Catcher Noosa. I have blurred the picture of the cat to make it more acceptable but below is the FB post.
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Luke Huntley is a snake catcher living in Noosa, Eastern Australia. He has a Facebook page. On January 16 he made a post which you can see below. Essentially, he is telling Australians that they should keep their cats inside in order to protect them from a range of hazards including being swallowed by a python. He also says that confining cats protects native species. The post is self-explanatory so I won’t repeat it.

PYTHON KILLS CAT!!! WHY YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR CAT INSIDE!!!! The photo on the left was from a home in Noosa today where…

Posted by Snake Catcher Noosa on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

As mentioned in the title to this post, Luke received lots of comments, some denigrating the domestic cat saying that the only good cat is a dead cat and similar unpleasant thoughts:

“Shane: Oh The only good cat is a flat cat”

“Jason Hedges: What a good snake!! A good cats a dead cat”

As in any other country, there are quite a lot of cat haters in Australia. More balanced arguments came from other people referring to dogs and how they kill wildlife for instance and humans who, truth be told, are far more damaging to Australia’s native species than their feral cats.

His post exposed that well-known fissure in Australian society; the divide between those who want all feral cats to be eradicated completely and for domestic cats to be kept inside and those who find slaughtering millions of feral cats to be inhumane, impractical and a failure in terms of resolving the problem.

Subsequently, Luke posted a video in which he explains himself. You can see it below.

ABOUT CATS SAFETY AND SAVING WILDLIFE!! VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE WATCH!!! Think of your cats safety and think of our wildlife. Everyone wins, only together and with a peaceful resolution can we make a change. Your cat stays safe from cars, dogs and other stuff, and of course hundreds of millions of native animals a saved each year. So do the right thing keep them inside or in an outdoor enclosure and everyone lives.

Luke 0499 920 290

Posted by Snake Catcher Noosa on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

It seems that those who objected to Luke’s original post about pythons eating domestic cats were upset because they got the impression that he was using graphic images and unpleasant stories to drive cat owners into keeping their cat companions inside the home and within the confines of an enclosure around the backyard.

Readers of his post believed that he was a cat hater wanting to teach cat owners a lesson They probably thought this because there is this battle between cat lovers and cat haters in Australia. This is the impression that we get living in other countries when reading about the Australian authority’s struggle with protecting their wildlife.

Link to Luke’s FB page. Luke is okay. He’s genuine.

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19 thoughts on “PYTHON KILLS CAT!!! shouts snake catcher resulting in cat hating fest and Facebook arguments”

    1. I have gone to the video and note that it contains film of cats being shot. I can’t watch that stuff because it sits in my head. Here’s the deal. You write a page about the video. I’ll add the video to it and publish it. No insults just plain, calm text.

  1. The domestic cat is an easy scapegoat for the thought averse sheeple who like all to be black & white.

    Humans created the domestic cat, we should honour that creation.

    The cat’s impact on wildlife is grossly exaggerated, everywhere.

    Is hatred & fear really the only human response to our species mismanagement of our creations?

    1. You’re right. Instead of killing outdoor cats, we should kill all people that promote the existence of the house-cat. That would finally end all the problems caused by cats AND the people that own cats. Lets stop the problem at its source.

    2. Humans created DDT and napalm. Should we “honor” those creations? You really should recall that the reason we think faster than we speak (or type) is just might be so we can think twice.

        1. In terms of the destruction they wreak on our ecological systems and on vulnerable communities, the comparison is apt.

      1. Native_Catvocate, if you showed signs of even thinking once, that would be a vast improvement.

        Try booking in to your local Community College for some comprehension lessons. It will help you no end.

        1. I’ll compare my education and experience in biology to yours any time….(remainder deleted because it is insulting – Admin)

          1. I would have published your comment but for the fact it contained an insult. Can you stop insulting people? Or is it physically impossible?

  2. He’s right! Cats have no reason to go outside. There are too many dangers and that is including the human species. I blame the guardian of this poor cat who died from the snake. The snake was only doing his/her nature. Surviving. And cats who are free to roam are killing the native species. Keep them indoors where they will be safe and no harm done to either species in or out.

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