Queen Doll-Faced Persian Cat Matahari

Queen Doll-Faced Persian Cat Matahari

by Rudolph.A.Furtado

Queen Persian cat

Queen Persian cat "Matahari" post delivery of 6 kittens (Monday 1-6-2009) - a transformation from "Kittenhood".

A photo of cat Matahari post delivery of her 6 kittens on Sunday(29/1/2009). Previously i had posted a photo of her as a 8 month old kitten taken on 29-2-2008 and today (Monday 1-6-2009) is a photo of her at 2 years of age and a mother of 6 kittens. Her physical features have changed beyond recognition and she looks more of a "exotic short hair doll-faced persian" than a "long haired".

She has lost her luscious coat of fur and looks more of a exotic short hair persian, a unbelievable transformation. Her eating habits have also changed and post delivery she has become more of a glutton and eats any food, not fussy.

Hi Rudolph Thanks for sharing again. Matahari looks as you say more like an Exotic Shorthair (a traditional kind of Exotic Shorthair!). She look quite slim for a Persian too...Michael..PS I merged your 2 submissions.

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