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Queen Elizabeth II bans cats from Sandringham estate — 8 Comments

  1. It is horrifying to know that the Queen of England may employ such cruel measures to dispose of cats, while at the same time being so enamored of dogs and horses. Shooting pheasants for amusement ranks right up there as another disparaging topic. 😱😠😭

    • The Queens is a toff and distanced from the real world. And she was raised in a hunting/shooting family like all upper class toffs. That background lends itself to poor attitudes to animal welfare in my opinion.

  2. The queen has always hated cats, her gamekeepers are the most likely cause of the poor disappearing cats. Some employees have lost their tied home as they refused to “get rid” of their beloved cat.

    Gamekeepers are the reason why the Scottish Wild Cat numbers are so low too.

    It is time we got rid of the royal parasites, the whole aristocracy and all those who defend or aspire to that lifestyle.

    • Get rid of the royal parasites! Nice one. I did not realise that you were such a republican (is that the right terminology).

      • Hehe! I loathe them, how can we tolerate/pay for such bloated parasites when so many live in the direst of poverty?

        Ooh, ‘republican’ not so sure about that, that’s Trumpy/Bush/Reagan country isn’t it?

        I think I am humanist mostly, with occasional socialist leanings & atheist with a sort of empathy with Quakers (apart from the god bit)

  3. Royalty in itself is nothing but a collection of a bunch of inbred over pedigreed worthless pets. I have no idea why you keep them around.

      • I’m not sure what a royalist is but the whole parade and fanaticism over their mating , breeding and reproduction habits are quite repulsive in 2018 where the fight for true equality among humankind is at the forefront of most civilized humans.
        Elected officials are public servants and need to be spanked back down to where they belong. I have long suggested folding tables and chairs in large metal buildings instead of mock palaces. A ‘royal’ being an open cat haters is no different than that gang of miscreants called the Western Governors Association that put feral cats on the list of invasive species thereby putting a target on ALL cats.
        Interesting as the first thing on my news feed today was a picture of kate middleton in a dress she had worn before,(that’s news) out and about after whelping again.
        Don’t get me wrong I detest our elected officials many who see themselves as royalty in both parties content to spend taxpayer money so they can have breakfast muffins that cost more per day than a poverty ridden truly disabled person or senior receive in a month to survive on.
        Packs of wankers, all of them.

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