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Queen should adopt a few rescue cats to keep rats at bay at her crumbling palace

Photo montage: The Sun – thanks!

Reports are coming through that the Queen is horrified at the thought of a rat infestation in the kitchens at Buckingham Palace. Royal staff have called in pest controllers who have put down poisons.

Why not do something for animal welfare, something really high profile and adopt three rescue cats from Battersea Dogs & Cats Home instead? So much more ecologically friendly. It could only be a positive decision.

Domestic cats are not necessarily great rat catchers although some individual cats are but they can deter the presence of rats. However, you can’t have rat poison and cats in the same place for obvious reasons. Cats eat dead rats killed by poison and are poisoned themselves.

The trouble with the Queen and her staff is that they are not meant to think out of the box or demonstrate any imagination.

Rats are commonplace in London and ‘Buck Pal’ is a massive crumbling pile in the very centre.

Staff in the palace are used to seeing mice scurrying down the corridors. The palace was built in 1703 and is going to be renovated at a cost of £369 million. This is taxpayer’s money.

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Michael Broad

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