Questionable Cat Welfare in Dance Troupe’s Strange Cat Choreography

What do you think about this? It is a dance troupe from the 1970s called Ballet Zoom, a Spanish disco dance troupe circa 1973 (according to YouTube). They are performing a dance routine which I presume was choreographed by themselves which entails the use of kittens. Of course, today it looks dated and a bit bizarre but then the 1970s was a different era and the world was entirely different in those days.

The video has been seen 49 million times on Facebook and viewed 1 million times on YouTube. Obviously Facebook users warmed to it. It was first uploaded to YouTube in 2011 and lay semi-dormant for a while until it became trendy and viral on Facebook.

This is the Facebook version:

Personally I don’t like to see cats used like this but I might be overly sensitive to animal welfare.

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3 thoughts on “Questionable Cat Welfare in Dance Troupe’s Strange Cat Choreography”

  1. I agree about cats in a studio. I would like to see a dance production that really showcases the cats’ amazing athleticism and grace. That of course is difficult to do as humans. Ballet comes close, but they don’t portray cats. I never saw the musical “CATS”, but from what I see on youtube it’s mostly singing and again, how humans move… dressed like cats. I guess our best show is what they do for us every day in our own homes. We’re so lucky.

    • That’s an interesting thought: a ballet created from the cat’s grace and athleticism. I see it as a slow motion film set to ballet music!

  2. Totally agree with you.

    A TV studio is a noisy, chaotic environment, absolutely unsuitable for kittens or any infant animal.

    I hate seeing animals exploited for entertainment.


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