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Questions to ask when adopting a cat from a shelter — 6 Comments

  1. We have a very small shelter,5 dollars for a cat-10 dollars for a dog. we have to promise to spay and neuter and take care of them.That is about all. I have only got one grown kitty there.I knew he was about to be put down .He so loving and sweet.

    • Can you please share the picture of that loving kitty, if not a hazard to hare here <3

      I love cats and kittens and want to see a many as possible in a day 😉

      Yes! we have to take very much care of the cats which are left alone in the world, we must proof to them that they are not ALONE, we are with them, because GOD created tehm to be with us. <3

  2. I’ve never adopted from a shelter. Cats just appear to me, out of nowhere sometimes.
    But, when visiting our kill shelter, I always ask what each cats’ kill date is.

  3. I’ve never looked at adoption from this angle, so I am clueless. It is interesting to see what issues people are thinking of while considering adopting from a shelter.

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