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Questions we ask our cats, especially when they’ve been naughty — 5 Comments

  1. It happened this morning. I’m lying in bed and I hear, “Crunch.” It sounded like someone eating crunchy snack food. I was here alone. “What are you eating, Monty? Stop eating that!” In response, “Crunch.” I started to get up but there he was coming into the bedroom licking his chops. When Jeff packed his lunch he must have dropped something and Monty found it.

  2. Who made the skids marks across the living room floor?

    Who opened & emptied my sock drawer?

    Who chewed up the Con Ed bill? Seriously, that’s a dog thing, you are cats.

  3. It is a little easier for me having only one cat– if he does something there is no doubt who did it.

    I have stopped asking him about dead critters in his enclosure. “Is this your mouse?” I have pretty much decided if something is dead in his outdoor enclosure he had something to do with it. Most of the time I see him making the actual kill but not always. He seems to do a lot of killing in the few moments before I get out there with him after letting him out. But I don’t bother asking him if he killed it anymore. I know he did.

    More often I ask him, “What did you just eat off the floor?” or “Why are you licking your lips? I didn’t feed you anything,” or “Why are you licking the floor?!!!” He always thinks he is starving and I live in fear of him eating something that is not food that will poison him or give him a blockage. He scavenges. I often wish he really could tell me if he had been eating something and what it was.

    I also ask him why he is begging me for food when I just fed him and why he can’t let me sleep just a little longer in the morning? And why he seems to like Jeff better than me and why doesn’t he want to snuggle more?

    The other day I could swear it smelled like maybe he pooped in the basement but I have such an unreliable sense of smell that I really didn’t know. I was actually following him around asking him if he pooped in the basement. I finally realized he was not going to tell me, so I had Jeff go down there and sniff it out but he said he didn’t smell anything at all out of the ordinary.

    That’s the weird part about having anosmia– the phantom smells. If I think there could be a certain smell my brain very convincingly produces it. But if I had never thought, “I hope he never poops down here like my mom’s cat used to do in their basement,” right while I was down there doing wash I never would have detected an odor of poop even had there really been one.

    So when Monty is sniffing stuff I ask him what he is smelling and what that is like to tell so much about the world with his nose.

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