Quick tip: easy way to diet your cat

I have just thought of what I think is an easy way to diet your cat. You feed your cat solely with an interactive cat feeder for a while and then you might go on to using that plus some wet food until they have regained their normal weight. Note: you’ll have to watch your cat to make sure that they know how to use it! It should be instinctive. If not, encouragement and a demonstration might do the trick. If that doesn’t work this diet doesn’t work 😢.

Picture of a tabby cat using an interactive cat feeder
Picture of a tabby cat using an interactive cat feeder. Photo: MikeB
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The key is the interactive feeder which I am sure that you have heard about. The reason why it’s going to be a dieting tool is because domestic cats have to release the dry food pellets from it. This takes time and a bit of energy. It presents a barrier to getting at the food.

Of course, the whole point of it is to try and replicate to a certain extent the hunting process. In addition, I would put in it Hills Dental Care dry cat food which I consider to be the best at the moment. The pellets are larger.

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It is generally considered that feeding a cat with dry cat food only is not a good idea. The food contains too many carbohydrates and cats don’t drink enough water to make up for the deficit of water in the food. This might lead them to be slightly dehydrated. That’s the argument.

So, this is a balancing act between getting rid of feline obesity which is very detrimental to health and not feeding exclusively dry cat food. I think that balance can be arranged and I think it works.

If you want to know what the best cat food is, in America, as per perhaps the best authority on American cat food, please click on the following link:

List of cat foods the most knowledgeable cat food expert gives her cats (2022)

Of course, this proposed method of dieting does require some self-discipline from the cat’s caregiver. That means minimising treats and at the end of the day being tough to be kind. It depends how bad the obesity is. But, as for humans, obesity really does affect the health and lifespan. Domestic cats get Type II diabetes as well as people because of obesity. That is one example.

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