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Quiet, subtle sounds can stress cats too — 7 Comments

  1. Michael, all of my wonderful neighbors tell me, “You’re cat is like a dog!”
    And then I have to correct them. He’s definitely not a dog, he is feline!
    And then we laugh together, while they pet my “dog.”
    I love it, so does my mystery, King Arthur. 🤔

  2. Because this may sound weird to some, but I have tested my grassy, floral notes on my cats, to make sure that they were not put off. I finally found my fragrance, the cats did not ∆ their behavior towards me, but then the parfum was discontinued. Deborah Michel, Morning Blossoms. Cats love it on their female alphas. Could you please get her to rerelease it. Bit off topic, but the kitties seem to really like it. Sorry, for their sake? Please.

  3. Not just sounds, right? Smells as well. My furry ones are quite sensitive to odor, and it seems like most folks think it’s just dogs who are sensitive. Not at all.

  4. This is a wonderful topic. As a human with large ears, it took me awhile to figure out that my cats and German shepherd, Pembroke corgi, were more well-skilled physically. I like this topic, and I know that there are so many more out there who can relate.🤔

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