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Quite perplexed regarding my “Rockie” kitten…help? — 9 Comments

  1. Aww she’s cute. She look exactly like my Totoro. She also have a white spot on the neck and a larger one on the belly.

    (scroll down to see pictures as a kitten she’s a big girl now).

    Funny thing, she does have a strange high-pitched and cracky meow. She’s adorable and extremely playful. We got her in a farm, her mother and two olders sisters were the same magnificent blue as well, but she had a sibling all black. The previous owner told us there are only blue or black kittens in litters every time.
    Vet told us these blue cats are genetic subcategories of black europeen cats, like “abnomalies” but gorgeous abnomalies… 😉

    • Thanks for commenting Emjur. Blue is dilute black. The dilution is caused by a gene. It seems that your photos did not upload sadly. Thanks anyway.

  2. Truth is , I tried to find what breed my cat is as well, but they are so close to each other, so I found relation with at least 2 breeds out of 4..and in some points something was common up to even 3 different. In example, the eyes were korat for sure, but he has white locket, so we go back to british, then again the body structure, closer to Russian blue..and bla bla bla… so I wondered, what s the chances to have been mixed with all that 4. Or a domestic mixed with one of those 4,… I mean, in the very end , you can never be sure, and it doesn’t rly matter.

  3. I d bet my money on the blue British shorthair breed due to the difference of the number of toes and the white locket. But you know how the drill is… There are no “pure” breeds. There are only human laws about “disqualifications” of one breed to another. And that is why I d be my money on the above statement. In general, British shorthair is way more tolerant breed than the others. The other ones are rarer and way more strict to what qualify them as what they are.

  4. Your kitty looks just like our kitty!
    We think it’s closer to a Korat but previously thought it was a Russian Blue.

  5. I have the exact same little girl but has white patch on her lower belly.She will get to be 7 to 10 pounds by 3yrs of age.They are called Chartreux cats.They are very lovable.Good hunters and make great house cat with children and other animals.

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