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Quiz on the origin of the Persian cat

Modern Persian cat. Photo: copyright Helmi Flick.

Please follow the instructions. There is one question and ten possible answers one of which is strictly speaking correct. Thanks for trying it. Leave a comment if you got it correct first time 😉 . The topic is controversial and there is no definitive answer so I have provided my opinion. If you want to challenge it that would be great.

What is the origin of the Persian cat 2020?

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Question 1
What is the origin of the Persian cat in 2020?
It is descended from the long-coated wild cat called the Pallas's Cat (Felis manul)
It is descended from the long-coated wild cat called the Sand Cat?
It is descended from a cross between Pallas's Cat or the Sand Cat and a local domestic cat in the Middle East.
It is descended from the European wildcat?
It is descended from a cross between the Pallas's Cat and the European wildcat.
It is descended from the Russian Longhair Cat.
It is descended from a cross between the Russian Longhair and local domestic cats in the Middle East.
It is descended from a cross between the Russian Longhair and the Turkish Angora which explains the Persian coat.
It is a long-haired mutant that appeared spontaneously in the Iranian region of the Middle East.
Nearly correct but cat breeders intervened.
It was created by longterm selective breeding by European and American breeders and there is no longer any trace of its genuine origin.
Well done 🙂 This is the correct answer. It is as if the cat breeders restarted history in the 19th century and created this breed from scratch.
Question 1 Explanation:
There may be a genuine origin going back thousands of years in Iran (formerly Persia). If there is it would be cats imported from the Syria or Turkey thousands of years ago and they gradually evolved (mutated) as street and community cats. But that early history has been eradicated by breeders selectively breeding in the US and Europe over 150 years beginning in the middle of the 19th century. CLICK THIS TO READ MORE.
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