Rachel’s Kitties

Rachel’s Kitties

by Rachel
(Fort Vally, VA, USA)

When I was eleven years old I begged my Mom to let me bring a poor little tortie kitty in out of the winter cold. It turns out she was actually conning three different families out of food and shelter, and she would probably have been fine without us! But in the meantime, she made us fall in love with her, and soon Susannah, as we called her, was pretty much running our lives. (We had just recently moved to the mountains, so my Mom named her ‘Susannah’ from the song ‘She’ll be comin’ around the mountain.” Of course, she mixed up her songs, because it’s actually from ‘Oh, Susannah,’ but by that time it had stuck.)

The day we made a vet appointment to take her in to get her shots and be spayed, she had a litter of kittens under my bed. Fifteen years later, we still have Susannah, plus three of her “kittens.”

Susannah’s kittens are Tucker, Tabitha, and Bonne Bell. They also had a littermate we called ‘Natalina,’ but we found another home for her.

All four cats are getting into the elderly stage now, and they all take some kind of medication–two even get subcutaneous fluids. As long as they are enjoying life, I’ll enjoy them.


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Rachel’s Kitties

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Sep 27, 2009 I was conned too
by: Michael

Hi Rachel, thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your story. Fresh and pleasing. And I know about being conned. When we are tender towards cats we are open to a bit of conning!

I currently feed a stray boy cat, Timmy. I know he is using me but I don’t mind. Let him, I say. I love him just the same although he can be a bit trying some times as he eats more than my girlfriend in one sitting – true, really. He gets through 5 sachets of cat food in one go perhaps 6! This is about a large tin and a half. He looks pregnant at the end of it and comes back two days later as skinny as a rake.

I like your tenderness towards Susannah when you were 11. That is a nice quality.

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