Rachel’s soul can rest now. Both cats rescued after escaping their carrier following fatal wreck

Rachel’s soul can rest now. Both of her cats are safe now after escaping their carrier following a fatal wreck on Christmas Eve. Callie was rescued on Sunday and Pollie was recovered Wednesday evening around 6:20 p.m.

Where Pollie was hiding
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The story was posted on Paw It Foward’s Facebook page that details the recovery of these two precious cats.

On Christmas Eve, a young woman named Rachel was traveling from her home in Cary NC to her mother’s home in Spartanburg SC with her two cats in tow. Just south of the Concord Mills exit on I-85 South, Rachel was involved in a fatal 5-car accident. Rachel was killed and her two cats escaped their crate and ran into the woods when First Responders entered the vehicle. (PoC story here)

And the search began. With heavy hearts and sadness for a woman and family we never met, a team of people in the local animal rescue community has been diligently searching for Callie (age 13) and Polly (age 2) since Christmas Eve. 

Just a few of the experienced trappers, individual rescues and thoughtful people who came out to help include Paw it Forward, Team Cabarrus K9 Search & Rescue and Catsmart Coalition and other dedicated tnr people

It was the last chance effort as three days of rain was in the forecast and it had already started. Pollie had been spotted in a culvert January 1 and bolted when approached.

Jimmy Hoffman tying the trap to prevent escape.

She was eventually trapped when she was cornered to where she couldn’t escape the pipe. One end was blocked off and the other had a humane trap and a net waiting on her.

Both Callie and Pollie are currently in foster care with Paw It Forward and doing well. They’ll be reunited Saturday with Rachel’s in Upstate of South Carolina.

The thermal camera that made it all possible will be utilized in the future to find lost pets. Anyone wishing to donate toward the cost is welcome to do so. The Paw It Forward Animal Rescue Facebook page is keeping everyone updated with photos.

Rest in peace, Rachel. We’re all thankful your cats will be cherished because they were a part of your life. Too many are dumped by family following a death. We’re glad you have a kind family ready and willing to take them in.

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Photos courtesy of Paw It Foward Animal Rescue, a 501c3 non-profit known in the Cabarrus County area for rescuing shelter cats who would otherwise be killed.

These trappers and everyone who kept them in their thoughts and prayers should all be considered heroes. Not only was this dangerous work, but the weather also created mud that was like quicksand and the terrain was hazardous to climb around in. Not to mention traffic near I-85.

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6 thoughts on “Rachel’s soul can rest now. Both cats rescued after escaping their carrier following fatal wreck”

  1. Those trappers are big heroes.

    I hope that the saving of Callie and Polly will be a comfort to Rachael’s family. Such loss is so difficult. May all reunite safely and forever.

  2. God bless each and every one of you!!! I’m so happy Rachel’s fur babies were found and will be taken care of. I had been wondering about them every time I was in that area over Christmas. Great story! Thoughts & prayers to Rachel’s family on their loss.


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