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Radical mastectomy for female cats cost $3,000 (plus teeth clean thrown in)

If it interests you, a radical mastectomy for cats cost around three grand. This would be in dollars or pounds and I am pretty sure that most European countries would charge something similar except for the Eastern European countries where it would be considerably cheaper. Would the standard be the same?

Radical mestectomy for cats cost 3000 dollars. This is America as you can see how they write the date: putting the month before the day.

A Twitter user: Sincerely Communist is asking people for donations:

I hate to do this but my cat has cancer and is getting a radical mastectomy today, if you can spare any amount, literally anything helps

Who’d have thought? It is interesting that veterinarians use the same language as doctors. A double (radical) mastectomy for humans costs around $19,000 over 20 years.

So the cat version is one sixth in cost compared to the human version. I wonder if the difference is down to the quality of the surgery and aftercare. It makes me think. It makes me think that vets are undercharging and yet a lot of people consider them to be too expensive.

I don’t think they are. It is just that a section of cat owners are not genuinely in a financial position to afford veterinary fees and as a consequence avoid their vet. If I am correct it means that a good percentage of cat owners are not really in a position to care for a domestic cat to a high standard. That might sound harsh. It’s being realistic.

The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) reported that around 2.6 percent of companion animals had health isurance in 2018. A very low number. Therefore these big expenditures come out of the pocket.

Note: cost of human mastectomy from A radical mastectomy is the surgical removal of breast tissue and surrounding muscle plus lymph nodes.


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