Ragdoll Cat Picture

Ragdoll Cat Picture

Ragdoll cat

His name is Tom Cruise! For me, he is a classic looking Ragdoll cat. The Ragdoll is what cat breeders call a “substantial” cat in size. You interpret that in a common sense way. The Ragdoll is one of the largest domestic cat breeds.

The Ragdoll cat is also a pointed cat and it has clear, bright blue eyes. It is a semi-long haired cat. The pointing includes “white particolor pointing” which is a bicolor pointing as you see in the Ragdoll cat picture of Tom, above. Tom’s feet will be “mitted” – covered in white fur.

Does this cat become limp when picked up as the name implies? Well, no is the correct answer but they are known for their docile and calm nature making them easy to handle.

You could say that they are a very modern cat because they are probably the most suitable cat breed for full-time indoor living. The Persian is another. In the modern world, dangerous as it is for cats, full-time indoor living is becoming more of an option.

An interesting point is that in Australia where the authorities have a high concern for native wildlife the Ragdoll cat is favoured because it has no interest in chasing and attacking wildlife! That is what they say. I find it difficult to accept this.

A last point: legend has it that this cat has a high pain threshold. Don’t believe it. That notion was probably drummed up by some early enthusiast individuals to generate interest in the breed.

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