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  1. In 2016, a cat adopted us. He was a stray, but we soon learned he was domesticated and fixed. My daughter believes he is a ragdoll. He fits the characteristics: size, demeanor, eye color etc. Can you view the pics and tell me what you think. I have other pictures of him.

  2. Hello, I picked up my Rockstar from a breeder here in Vancouver Canada. She is a retired breeder who apparently never gave her owner kittens. I’ve had her for a year now(she is 4). She has issues with peeing everywhere. Bathtub, bed, my rug, and most recently my couch. I have been using Feliway but it only seems to work for a while. She spends most of her time alone in the basement. I got a kitten this past summer. They seem to get along. When I pick her up to pet her she has a look of “why are you touching me”. Will she ever warm up to me or is she destined to be anxious forever. I’m tempted to try drugs to keep her happy.

    • Hi Dale. Thanks for commenting. It seems the years with the breeder may have affected her character. She is definitely anxious as you say. Chronically anxious it seems. I guess you have checked her out for cystitis. A long shot. Anxiety can cause cystitis and cystitis causes inappropriate elimination.

      I presume she is spayed by the way. If not please spay her.

      Sometimes a cycle can be set up. A cat pees on the carpet. The owner becomes annoyed. The cat becomes anxious. The cat pees some more on the carpet through anxiety and so on. That cycle needs to be broken. Is he litter trained? Crazy question perhaps but worth asking.

      Are you around the home a lot or not much? If you are away a lot that may cause anxiety and her reclusive nature. It can also lead to cystitis as mentioned. Personally I don’t like the idea of drugs because it just treats the symptoms. If you have totally covered all the possible causes then drugs might be the answer but they must be a last resort.

      What does your vet say? I’d try and interact more with her. Play with her. Be around her more etc.. If you don’t have the time for this it would be a shame because I think it may be the cure but it will a slow process I feel. Although I may be incorrect about the cause.

      I presume she is a full-time indoor cat. If not and she goes outside sometimes there may be a cat outside who terrorises her. Sometimes indoor cats can be upset by the presence of cats outside who they can see through the window. That is a long shot to but may be worth checking out. I am speculating because I don’t know the full facts.

      There is one last possibility: rehoming with a retired person who has time. But this may seem crazy to you and I’d understand if it is. Good luck.

  3. twice in my 50yrs as a cat person i came across a purebred cat. the 1st a
    siamese and then 40yrs later a ragdoll
    ragamuffin mix. the cat is one of the nicest i have ever had. he’s a individual. talks a lot to me and my
    other cat. loves to play,eats like a
    barn cat. needy little guy if you ever
    find one?grad ’em and do not let go.

    • Thanks Art. Nice to hear from a visitor who has some personal experiences of the very popular Ragdoll or RagaMuffin (a very similar cat).

  4. I would love to share my home with one of these amazing cats. My problem is that I can not afford spend the 400 hundred dollars and more, even though I know that life with with one of these cats would be a total blessing. Is there some other way to adopt one of these beautiful animals? Thank you so much and I look forward to your reply.

    • Hi Francis. Sometimes, rarely, purebred cats are available in shelters. Yahoo Groups is a community based system and there may be a Ragdoll Yahoo group. Sometimes Ragdolls need rehoming and group members assist in this. Try searching for “Yahoo groups ragdoll”.

      There is also a website concerned with purebred cat rescue. This may help but I think you’ll be lucky to find a Ragdoll cat in need of rehoming. Sorry if that sounds defeatist or too negative. I am just trying to be realistic.

      Good luck.

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    • Hi Catherine, the Ragdoll is quite a common and well known cat breed so you should be able to find a breeder not too far from where you live. Go to Google or Bing or Yahoo (one of the search engines) and search for “ragdoll breeder” followed by the state or country where you live and go from there. Alternatively try the Cat Fanciers’ Association website. Good luck. The Ragdoll is a fabulous purebred pedigree cat. They cost about 600+ USD or GDP (pounds in the UK).

  6. hi I’m looking a Siamese kitten that has Siamese & ragdoll & tabby in a male kitten. but I need to help. I did have a little boy young teen 7 month. cat but he woundering off to find him a female cat to mate with. but he does has a sister. but it turns out he got kill. he got runover. I miss him after he got kill. & his was blizzard. he was sssssooooo sweet. help me to find Siamese just like him, pleases. thanks.

    • Hi Savannah Rae Rauls. It seems that the sort of cat you would like to adopt is a traditional tabby pointed (lynx pointed) Siamese cat. You’ll have to go to Siamese cat breeder to find such a cat unless you are lucky. I would check out places like Yahoo Groups that are involved with Siamese cats and ask there.

      Try this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/dir/1600575835

      You have to join these groups to discuss your desires with other people. Good luck.

  7. Hi. I’m so excited tomorrow I’m going to meet and take home a female blue mitted ragdoll named Bella. She is 14 months old and her family have a busy lifestyle so I am to adopt her. I was just wondering if she will be stressed from going to a new home and if anyone has any tips on helping her settle with us 🙂 ty.

    • Hi Elizabeth, WOW, what a cat! Stunning. You’re lucky to have each other. She probably will be stressed but some cats are more stressed than others. Raggies are meant to be laid back but don’t count on it 😉

      I think the common sense things apply to help settle a cat into a new home (a) be around a lot to give her plenty company and warm interactions with play (nice toys?) as well as petting (c) plenty of calm in the house and (c) lots of quiet (d) a place to hide so she can feel secure if she feels anxious (e) allow her to explore and settle and don’t force things along (f) supervise – don’t let her out at all or unless under v. close supervision and in safety (g) be patient – this is her show and her timetable.

      I am jealous 😉

  8. Hi i am kavin, its my first occasion to commenting anywhere, when i read this article i thought i could also create comment due to this good article.

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  10. Hi,

    I am looking at getting a male ragdoll kitten for my seal point lynx female.
    Can you please help me?
    I am in QLD. Where are you?



    • Hi Guljeet, nice to hear from you. I am not well placed to help unfortunately as I am based in London, UK. I guess you’ll just have to search in the usual way. Google “ragdoll cat breeders qld” and a lot comes up but I am sure that you know that you have to be careful when making enquiries on the internet. Good luck in your search. I think Yahoo groups can be useful but I suspect most members are Americans.

  11. we need some help, we have been given a ragdoll female 1 year old. they gave her to us due to the long hours they worked, so she spent alot of time on her own, she was distructive and would pee on bedding and clothes. We had looked after her on a couple of occations with no trouble, we have a 2 year old siamese and a 4 year old rat terrier.All 3 get along fine. The help we need is in identifing what type she is,they believed she was a “mitted ragdoll” looking at pictures I have found online and the way she acts makes us believe she has way more siamese in her, if I could send pictures of her could some one help us? We plan to get her fixed as she loves to go outside and we do not wish to be respossible for any kittens.

    • Hi, nice to hear from you. First I am pleased that you are looking after her. She will be fine now. The peeing on the bed etc. is from anxiety being left alone so much (as you say). As long as someone is around she’ll stop that and behave normally.

      If you send me the pictures I will get back to you. My email address is below. Note: in order to stop people stealing the email address from this page I have substituted the @ for [at]. Just change it back and email me.


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