Ragdoll kittens picture

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Ragdoll kittens picture ©copyright Helmi Flick

Ragdoll kittens
See the marked up picture below to see how the composition was built up.

Here is some information on this stunning Helmi Flick Ragdoll kittens picture. This photograph was made in 2003 in Houston, Texas, at TICA South Central Regional Awards Banquet and Cat Show. In fact it is a composite of more than one of Helmi’s photographs – testament to Helmi’s computer skills too. These little gorgeous creatures wouldn’t respond to the usual tease (to produce expressive faces and postures) so all you see is due to Helmi, Ken and the kittens’ breeders making noises to catch their attention. Stunning picture. Pure Helmi quality.This, in fact, is what Helmi says about the level of involvement that is required to produce such a stunning Ragdoll kittens picture:

“There were three people in the room besides Ken and me .. the breeder and two “Tossers” … the breeder and a Tosser would be at one end of the table and another Tosser would be at the other end. Ken was in the middle, off to the side, and I was in the back, prefocused on the kittens so that when they would be in position, I could get the shot. It takes at least two other people in the room, keeping the kittens on the table, to get shots like these.”

Ragdoll kittens composite picture
Ragdoll kittens photo ©copyright Helmi Flick

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