Rainstar’s Quest Chapter 10

Rainstar’s Quest Chapter 10

by Lilyflower

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...Rainstar walked out of the cave with the other leaders. Rainstar suddenly felt nervous. What should she say? She was only just made leader and now she would have to lead her clan into unknown territory.

"Don't worry," said a reassuring voice. It was Breezestar, OceanClan's leader. "We're all worried about leading our clans away from their homes. Anything could happen that we don't expect but we have no choice. If the twolegs are going to take over we can no longer live here. We have to do this."

Rainstar was impressed by Breezestar's speach. He was young, like her, and had little experience. But she was reassured knowing that the other leaders were frightened too.

Soon, Rainstar was in front of the clans. Oakstar and Breezestar at her sides. Brightstar on Oakstar's other side.

Brightstar spoke up. "Cats of all clans!" she yowled, silencing the murmurs that rose from the group. "Rainstar has received her nine lives and now she must name her new deputy."

Brightstar stepped back and nodded to Rainstar indicating that she should speak. Rainstar padded forward nervously. Lilyflower nodded encouragingly.

Rainstar hadn't thought about this decision. She scanned the clearing and thought over all her warriors quickly. Her father, Adderheart, would be a popular choice but he would soon retire to the elders den. Pinedapple would not be comfortable giving orders and he was still training an apprentice. Suddenly it hit Rainstar.

Hollystorm! She was a senior warrior but she was brave, loyal, and intellegent. She had trained two apprentices and was training another now. She was perfect!

"Uh...Rainstar?" asked Brightstar. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I was just thinking." she said quietly. Louder, she announced, "Hollystorm will be MoonClan's new deputy!"

Everyone began to cheer. "Hollystorm! Hollystorm!" Rainstar knew Hollystorm was popular in all the clans. Hollystorm looked happy and surprised. She weaved through the crowd and stood in front of all the clan cats. She looked at Rainstar.

"Thank you, Rainstar, for making me deputy. I am honored and I will serve you as best I can."

Hollystorm walked to the place where the deputies were gathered. Rainstar stepped back to let the other leaders speak.

"It is now time to leave for our new home." Oakstar announced.

The cats gathered in the crowd shifted anxiously. "Where will we go?" asked a cat from the crowd.

"I think I know a place that will be perfect for you." said a voice behind the leaders.

Rainstar spun around to see an unfamiliar cat. "I'm Star." said the tom. "I'll lead you to where you want to go."


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