Rainstar’s Quest Chapter 11

Rainstar’s Quest Chapter 11

by Lilyflower

Photo by Daffydus (on Flickr)

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Photo by Daffydus (on Flickr)

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...Star was a ragged gray tom. Rainstar was surprised to see him so bravely speaking to a whole crowd of battle-fit warriors. He was in no state to fight.

"Why do you want to help and why should we trust you?" Breezestar asked suspisiously.

"I know a great place where you can live but wheter you believe me is up to you." he answered. The leaders huddled together and talked anxiously.

"What do you think?" Rainstar asked the other leaders. "Should we trust him? We don't know him."

"I don't think we should." Breezestar murmered. "He could be leading us into an ambush."

"Why would he do that?" Oakstar asked mildly.

"There's nothing for him to gain in leading us into a trap. We have nothing he could possibly want."

"We do need a guide since we won't know where we're going." Brightstar pointed out.

"And he's obviously not fit to fight us." Rainstar added. "I think we should trust him."

"Me too." Brightstar nodded.

"I agree." Oakstar murmered.

Breezestar shook his head. "I don't trust him but I'm out voted so I guess he's our guide."

Rainstar and the other leaders turned around to see Star waiting patiently for their answer. "We agree that you can be our guide." Brightstar announced. Murmering broke out in the clearing, some agreeing some angry.

"Tell us about this place." Oakstar ordered calmly.

Star stepped forward. "I won't tell you it's perfect. It has flaws like your home here. Twolegs, dogs, but no more than the amount here. Their are great territories for all of you. I know one group likes open territory, another likes water, another likes pines and the last likes oaks. This place has all that and enough territory for you all." he stepped back and looked at the leaders. "What do you think?"

Rainstar stepped forward. "Sounds great!" she purred.

"What about the twolegs and dogs?" Breezestar asked.

"There aren't many." Star said.

"I like the sound of it." Oakstar said thoughtfully. "I'd like to see it myself."

Cats from the crowd below were murmuring in agreement.

"What about our kits?" a TreeClan queen called.

"The journey will be dangerous but I know shortcuts and safe routes that we can take and I'm sure your kits will be safe." Star assured her.

"Then it's decided." Rainstar declared. "We leave tomorrow."


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