Rainstar’s Quest Chapter 12

Rainstar’s Quest Chapter 12

by Lilyflower

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….Everyone settled down for the night. They hunted but didn’t find much for four hungry clans. They all found sleeping places. The leaders and Star found a large bush to shelter under. “How will we get to this place?” Rainstar asked.

“We’ll walk of course.” Star teased.

“I know that.” Rainstar meowed impatiently. “What route will we take? What will we have to face on the way?”

“We’ll have to go through twolegplace. It’ll be dangerous considering that ShadeClan lives there. We’ll be safer if we avoid them and stay out of their territory.”

“ShadeClan? Who are they?” Breezestar asked worriedly.

“ShadeClan is a clan much like yours but worse. So much more dangerous. They live the way kittypets fear that you live. Kittypets think you eat live prey and sharpen your claws on your enemies bones. They think you’ll rip them to shreds if they set paw on your territory, no questions asked. That is ShadeClan. They do all those things. They kill the elders. There are no elders really. They must kill others if they wish to live. Even the old must be fierce. The sick are left to die. The wounded are finished off. The mothers train their kits hard and the fathers teach them to kill. Ripclaw is their fierce leader. His deputy is called Redfoot. That’s because his paws are stained red from clawing his enemies mercilessly to the death.” Star finished his story and looked calmly at the leaders.

“Is that the only way?” Brightstar asked skittishly as if she expected all of ShadeClan to leap out at them that very moment.

“There is Sharpstone Mountain.” Star concluded. “A mountain covered in pointy rocks, cliffs, and dead ends. If we did that, a lot of you would fall to your deaths by tripping over one of the many rocks and plummeting down to the pointy rocks below. It’d be safer to walk up to ShadeClan cat a box their ears!”
“What about our kits and elders?” Oakstar cried losing his calm. “It would be safer through twolegplace but what if we find ShadeClan? Or they find us? We’d be crowfood!”

“Those are the only choices.” Star meowed.

“It has to be twolegplace.” Rainstar mewed. “ShadeClan has to be easier to avoid than the rocks on Sharpstone Mountain.”

“I suppose.” Brightstar sighed. “We’ll warn the clans in the morning.”

The next morning they told the clans about their choices, their decision, and the dangers. Yowls of fear and rage erupted from the cats below.

“Why weren’t we asked for and opinion?” one cat asked.

“You’re putting our kits in danger!” a gray queen cried out.

“Our kits would be in danger if we went over the mountain too.” Oakstar pointed out.

“This is the best way. I promise.” Star meowed.

Grumbles of disapproval came from the crowd below but many were nodding their heads in agreement.

“Let’s go!” Star called.

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