Rainstar’s Quest Chapters 1 and 2

Rainstar’s Quest Chapters 1 and 2

by Lilyflower

Please see the Prologue to this Warrior Cats story.

Chapter one

Rainpaw raised her head drowsily. She was tired from last night’s gathering and her dream had been strange. She couldn’t remember her dream either. She did remember that a strange cat came to her and told her something. What the cat said she could not remember. She also did not know who the cat was.

I have to hurry, she thought, It is time for training. But when she came out of her den her mentor, Hornstar, the clan leader, told her to rest. “You must be tired after our busy night last night; but I think it is time for you to be a warrior. Dawn patrol tommorrow.” he finished.

“Th-thank you.” Rainpaw stammered. She was too shocked to say more.

She rested all day, wishing to be out in the forest so the day would go faster and she could forget her dream.

Just as she got up to go out the deputy, Night-eye, came up. “Hornstar has asked me to tell you that instead of a dawn patrol you and your littermates will go out on a hunting assessment and to remind you he will be watching you.” he said quietly. Then, he walked away before Rainpaw could say anything.

The next morning, Rainpaw set off with her littermates, Thormpaw, Hawkpaw, Cinderpaw and Leopardpaw. Out of all of them Cinderpaw was the smallest, but what she was lacking in size she made up for in strength.

“Let’s split up.” suggested Hawkpaw. “We’ll catch more prey that way.”

“Alright!” Leopardpaw agreed and then all the cats headed off in different directions.

Rainpaw headed toward Sunclan territory. “While I’m hunting,” Rainpaw said aloud,”I’ll keep an eye on Sunclan. They may have won the crater rocks but they won’t get any more of Moonclan territory, unless they want to fight!”

She caught enough to feed the elders, the queens, and the weaned kits. She was heading back to camp with her catch when a warrior named Pinedapple came crashing through the bushes.

When he saw her he stopped and gasped, “There you are! Your littermates are back at camp! Bury your prey! Oceanclan are attacking! They think we stole prey!”

Rainpaw buried her prey and raced after Pinedapple. Oh, no!, she thought, This can’t be good!

Chapter two

When Rainpaw reached the camp, she heard cats screeching and saw that the clearing was stained with blood. She flung herself into the battle, her paws outstretched. She caught hold of a tortoiseshell she-cat and raked her claws down the other cat’s sides.

The she-cat screeched with pain and flung Rainpaw across the clearing. She landed on a tabby tom who quickly pinned her down. He sunk his teeth into her shoulder.

“Raaaooww!” she cried. Then, she let herself go limp.

“Ha! Only a puny apprentice!” he crowed. Then, he tried to bite her again but Rainpaw pushed him off.

“Not as puny as you think!”she yowled. She had flung him over to the boulder tunnel and he ran out of it for fear of another fling.

By that time the Oceanclan cats were running away with the rest of Rainpaw’s clan giving them a few scratches to remember.

Then Hornstar leaped onto high boulder and the cats gathered by fallen tree to sit and listen. Fallen tree was also the elders den so any frail elders didn’t need to leave their nest.

“I am proud of all of you!” Hornstar called “But, I must appoint some new warriors.” Rainpaw stood and so did her littermates.

“Leopardpaw! Do you promise to protect and defend this clan even at the cost of your life?”

“I do.” She replied proudly.

“Then you will now be known as Leopardfang! We honor your strength and bravery!” Rainpaw waited eagerly for her turn as her littermates were awarded their names. Cinderheart, Thorntail, and Hawkfeather waited beside Leopardfang to here Rainpaw’s warrior name.

“Rainpaw!” Hornstar called, “Do you promise to protect and defend this clan even at the cost of your life?”

“I do!” she said excitedly. “Then your name shall be Rainleg! We honor you for your courage and your intelligence! Now our new warriors may eat and then sit watch in silence.” Then he turned away and walked to his den.

The clan cheered the new warriors and then headed to their dens. Rainleg knew she would not mind the cold tonight. She was a warrior!

To be continued…


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{Note: to people who are unfamiliar with Warrior Cats. This is a story written by a Warrior Cats fan along the lines of the original Warrior Cats book series. PoC instigated a competition on Warrior Cats stories.}

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