Raleigh cat owner says his cat was taken into quarantine for biting roommate while being abused

Poodle and her human guardian. A loving relationship. Photo: screenshot.
Poodle and her human guardian. A very loving relationship. Photo: screenshot.
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This is a very disturbing story about a Raleigh, North Carolina cat, Poodle, who was taken into quarantine for biting someone who resides in her home. Her owner believes his cat “Poodle” has been abused on multiple occasions by a roommate. Poodle’s early life seems to have been less than perfect as she was found and fostered before adoption. The current situation is therefore very upsetting to her guardian.

“My heart breaks for her. All I want to do is give her the life she deserves…”

cat cruelty
Poodle the cat (GoFundMe)

The Story

The following was posted by Poodle (@thatpoodlecat) Wednesday on Instagram, where she has more than 24,000 followers. A comment posted earlier today insinuates Poodle has been released. That hasn’t been confirmed.

“Sorry for the lack of posts recently but it is with a heavy heart that I am reporting this. I got a text from my roommate two days ago stating that poodle “attacked him while doing the dishes”. This is a completely false statement.

As you can tell by the photos, he had to be in direct contact with her to receive these defensive wounds. I came home to find poodle burrowed at the foot of my bed under all the covers completely petrified. She wouldn’t come out for 30 minutes even after seeing it was only me there.

My roommate claims that she attacked him but yet she has bruises in her ear and a large chunk of hair ripped out from her neck. It has come to my attention that my roommate has been abusing my cat when I am not home. It is obvious that she had to have been provoked.

At the current moment, she is in possession of Wake County Animal Control and being held in quarantine for 10 days. Today I have terminated my contract at my apartment and will be moving out in 30 days.

I need everyone to pray for Poodle. She was abused by my roommate and is now being punished for it and it is killing me. Please please please keep her in your prayers. And as for my roommate, please pray karma comes quickly and heavy for this piece of shit. Love you guys

Update: after all the outpouring of love and support, I have made a GoFundMe page for Poodle and our journey moving out of our apartment and finding a new, safe place to live. Thank you to everyone for reaching out.”

cat accused of biting
Poodle was terrified when owner returned home (GoFundMe)

It’s stated on the GoFundMe page that Poodle has a safe place to go with a family member. A new place to live may take time to locate where Poodle will be both safe and welcomed.

As for the roommate and the abuse allegation, I sincerely hope Wake County Animal Control has Poodle examined for injuries, including internal ones.

Please feel free to donate. Or not. The choice is yours. I’m simply providing the information since I’ve been contacted to try to help get the word out about Poodle.

The Roommate’s Allegation

cat bite
Note showing bite wound and the threat of legal action (Instagram)

Will Something Happen?

I plan to follow this case. Especially since the roommate has threatened legal action against Poodle’s owner. I’m waiting to see whether Poodle’s owner will ask for animal cruelty charges against his roommate and whether local government will follow through.

We all know North Carolina is known for throwing cat abuses cases out of court, despite witnesses and evidence. Even if the roommate is charged it doesn’t mean he’ll be punished. In NC abusers rarely are.

If anyone can add to this story, please feel free to comment. It would be nice to know Poodle is out of the shelter and with a friend of the owner.

Video of Poodle

P.S. PoC is looking for an update one (a) Poodle’s welfare and (b) justice.

P.P.S. Poodle has a cross-eyed gaze. This is called strabismus. It is normally inherited and there is no way to correct it. The cat’s brain compensates to ensure that their vision is unaffected or minimally affected. It is seen often in Siamese cats.

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    I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has contributed. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. I am amazed at the outpouring of support poodle and I have received.

    I also want to update everyone on poodle. She is currently under quarantine at the wake county animal center. No one is allowed contact with her untill the 10 days have gone by.

    People have been inquiring if she has a safe place to stay when she is released and the answer is yes. She will be staying with a direct family member and in complete care.

    I have been told that I will be able to get her back on 4/4/19. Believe I will be there an hour before they open, waiting to be reunited.

    I also wanted to talk about her 4k$ goal and elaborate on that. These donations will go directly to the cost of terminating my lease, the cost of finding a new living arrangement, any fees related to her boarding in quarantine and updated shots. In addition, any costs that my evolve if my Roomate persues any punitive measures.

    I am also interested in donating anything that is left over to some kind of charity. If anyone has any suggestions on places I could donate, please feel free to let me know. I would prefer it to go to some kind of animal charity but I’m not familiar with very many so any suggestion is welcomed.

    Thank you all so much


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