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Rapaport complains bitterly about the removal of his famous cat video — 10 Comments

  1. I commend Instagram for taking a sensitive and moral stand against shocking, ugly human behavior. It’s about time. That’s not an inanimate object alone sitting there, wondering why he’s being yelled and cussed at for no reason (other than to make another stupid video). People really should try to do more than that with their lives and care more about animals. The world is cruel and heartless enough these days.

  2. Besides, his dad opinions of the cat and his grandmother, I also dislike his excessive use of the “F” word. I don’t care how many”studies” are cited claiming that rabid cussers are more intelligent, it’s foul and shows a lack of respect for others. We have profanity or taboo language for a reason.

  3. You are certainly right. This idiot, thug has no respect or understanding of poor Wilfred’s physical or emotional needs.

    Whoever bred poor Wilfred needs a one way ticket to the oubliette, along with the oh so unfunny Rappaport

    Nice work from Instagram. More of this please. Fcebook, Twitter could take note on this.

    A feline specialist vet is what Wilfred needs. Wilfred looks to have a raft of problems linked to his terrible breeding. I would hope that someone could make a positive difference to Wilfred’s life.

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