Rare surrendering of cat and dog ‘couple’ at shelter

“They love each other. They feel calm and supported when they’re near each other…”

Cat and dog 'couple' surrendered at same time at Boston animal shelter
Cat and dog ‘couple’ surrendered at same time at Boston animal shelter. Photo: MSPCA Adoption Center in Jamaica Plain
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Cat and dog couple surrendered and adopted
Photo: MSPCA Adoption Center in Jamaica Plain.

This is another first for me: a story about a ‘couple’ – a cat and a little dog – who were surrendered together in the same carrier to a shelter because their ‘owners’ were unable to find a home for themselves where their animal companions were allowed.

The cute couple are Kitty, a long-haired tabby of 6-years-of-age and Leila and Chihuahua aged 2. They are both beautiful in their own ways. A Boston animal shelter, MSPCA Adoption Center, received them about a fortnight ago.

Staff at the shelter ensured that they were kept together at all times which is quite rare as cats and normally separated from dogs at shelters.

Unsurprisingly, the couple hit the news and a flood of applications for adoption followed. If you wanted an instant expansion to your family this was an opportunity to grab with both hands.

A human couple from Sudbury took the opportunity.

Comment: Although I am very sympathetic to people who feel obliged to surrender their companion animals I am also somewhat sceptical about this particular reason, namely, the owners are unable to find a home where their animals are allowed. I am sure it can and does happen because circumstances can be quite tough and even cruel but I feel that there is usually a way forward if there is sufficient commitment. I am not in anyway being critical in this instance. I am referring to this form of cat abandonment in general.

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  1. I’m cynical of any abandonment if only for the reason that I would never do it. In fact I lost my place to live and a girlfriend because she gave me the ultimatum to get rid of the cats or leave. I also can’t think of any good reason to abandon an animal.


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