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Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Cats — 13 Comments

  1. i know you can use apple cider vinegar diluted way down as a rinse after a bath to soothe your pets skin and remove any left over soap that may be left behind. It also has helped for itching or flaking skin problems. It seems to work as a anti fungal or inflammatory agent.

    • Thanks d.p. Apple cider vinegar is acetic acid so I don’t understand how it can do some of the things that it is claimed to do. But it certainly does have some useful medicinal properties.

  2. Be sure to use Bragg’s. I bought another brand several months back because it was on sale and it wasn’t nearly as strong. Brand name does matter.

  3. So a stray ended up on my doorstep (they always do and we rehome them) with a horrible swollen right side of his face. Upon further inspection it was his eye and it was draining some nasty pus. He had to be in horrific pain.

    First thing I thought was to flush his eye, yeah that was not going to happen. He did not want to be near anyone. Pain or just being a stray kept him from trusting us.

    I figured what there heck, why not so I grabbed the ACV, I will try anything safe at least once. He was not letting me near him but I poured a bit in my hand and rubbed it on the back of his neck as I distracted him for a fraction of a second with food. He was not happy I touched him and tried running. That food though, that was just calling him so he came back up the porch. I explained it was for his own good and left him be.

    This was all last night at about 8:45pm. I saw him this morning as he was being me for more food and his face is normal, his eye is clean and it is almost all the way open. AMAZING.

    Now to convince him to let me apply some more the right way……. Diluted. Hopefully he will continue coming and we can get him cleared up and maybe caught and vetted.

    I used organic raw & unfiltered ACV. I swear there is miracles in every bottle.

      • I have no clue how it worked or how it does work. I have read about it and decided to try it.

        Explaining it to him was easy although I am sure he didn’t listen or care. Heck I know he didn’t understand as I do not speak cat.

        It might have helped that he was in the rain as it poured here last night. I saw him out and about a few times. Apparently our kitty house was not suitable for him to stay in.

  4. I read the article wrong , and gave my cat a tablespoon of the vinager by its self.
    She the fomed out the mouth just a little. I’m trying to treat her for a uti .
    Not long after I gave it to her she finally used the bathroom , ate a little , but not to active.
    Will she be okay ?

    • I’m not a vet but I’d suggest you get her to drink some water to dilute it. The vinegar is strong when not diluted. You’ll get the same reaction if you ever give a cat liquid Benedryl. Be careful with a UTI. If there’s a blockage you really need to get to a vet. Kidney or bladder stones can be very dangerous. I hope she feels better soon. She’ll likely be mad at you for awhile for making her take something she didn’t like. Mine run and hide when they see a syringe.

  5. i ran across the bragg’s on the back of a cat’s neck a coupke of months ago and tried it out. it sounded kind of ridiculous but i do natural stuff all the time. you know, it worked for eye discharge for my little snowshoe. she has a chronic problem in her left eye, only the left eye, especially if she gets intense about something, like playing, that eye weeps. i soak a cottonball in a 50-50 bragg’s-water solution and sop the back of her neck with it, and under her ears. i really massage it in, also put the cotton ball in her ears and swueeze a little in there. it takes a day-and-a-half, but it clears her up every time. sometimes i put a little vinegar in her water, and she likes it just fine. it hasn’t solved the problem, though. but neither has antibiotics from the vet, one salve and one liquid, and neither did anything. i use bragg’s and colloidal silver (mesosilver brand).

    so i brought a shelter kitten home to be company for my cat, and the shelter kitten is sneezing! eyes are clear as a bell, though. taking her to the vet tomorrow morning as i amniw afraid that i have introduced sickness into my house that sill infect my cat. :-0. but last night i saturated the new kitten’s neck with the diluted acv and put some in water which she drank. hope this helps her.

    • sorry for all the typos, have a terrible time hitting the correct key-spots on my ipad screen, but always leave reviews on amazon, go back to edit them later, and forget that is not always possible.

    • Good luck with your shelter cat’s sneezing. I hope it clears up. Well done on adopting a shelter cat. And thanks again for commenting.

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