Raw picture of a firefighter and the cat he rescued

This is a very raw photograph. It is quite harsh but very real. You get a strong sense of what it was like to rescue this cat who looks okay but messed up by the experience. He is holding the cat quite roughly but that is not a criticism. The Twitter post reads: “Gil Sullivan from Rescue Company 4, rescued this cat from a 3 alarm fire in College Point, Queens. Photo: Steve Spak”. For me: Good work Gil and Steve.

It is the kind of photograph that catches my eye. The cat seems to be tolerating the experience well. I hope he is well and uninjured and that he finds a good home. I don’t know what happened to his owner. I hope that they are okay too and pulled through.

Raw photograph of firefighter and cat
Raw photograph of firefighter and cat. Photo: Steve Spak.
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