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Re: Safety First. People Need To Think Before They Buy Cat Toys — 2 Comments

  1. Samirah is actually afraid of some toys I’ve bought, like that wooden Whack A Mouse box. I think she’s afraid that I’m going to hit her with the mouse on the wooden stick. Her fear reactions are all human based. Otherwise, I pick out toys that are well constructed. She has a collection of felt mice and other large toys she can cuddle and rabbit kick. I would definitely avoid that edible string toy. Her fav toy is Da Bird, with the foil tassle attachment, and I always supervise her when she plays with that.

    I can always get her going with that, but after five straight minutes she traps it with her paw and then lies down on it as if to say “Okay, time out. I’m an old girl, remember?” I pull on the string and make squeaky noises. If I manage to tug it out from underneath her she goes after it again.

  2. I haven’t had any problems with cat toys, with one exception. Mitzy seems to favor the Birdie type interactive toys. I ordered one online, and the bird feathers were large and full, the wand was long rather than short, and the string was also a good length. Before I started using it, I examined the fastener closely and found that the hook was open, like a safety pin. If I hadn’t looked, it could have easily cut her mouth. I pushed it in place, and then used pliers to secure it. A great toy that could have been harmful if I wasn’t aware. I do this routinely with any toy I buy.

    Her favorite form of exercise is to jump high in the air to try to catch the birdie, but she also runs after it if I pull it under a sheet or other fabric.

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