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Re-Wilding The Jaguar In the USA: The Impossible Dream? — 7 Comments

  1. I watched a local television program on the reserve that focused on Corazón, who was named for a heart shaped rosette on her coat. Her story has been one of the things that united the farmers and ranchers on the areas to the project. She was a good mother and it is almost certain that she lived a few years longer than she would of if the project didn’t exist. But Marc is right. These backwoods farmers think with their guns and not with their heads. It’s a shame that Corazón got out of the reserve, but she shouldn’t of been killed over it. Just a gun shot (rubber bullets) would of scared her off. I wonder if they knew they were poisoning her. She was burned so they new it was illegal. I just can’t help but think there must of been something that could be done. I will miss her. RIP Corazón ♥♥♥

    Thank you for writing this amazing article Michael.

    • Well said, Dan. It staggers me that when a beautiful wild cat such as the jaguar, which is so rare in that part of the world, is killed so casually without any thought to the preciousness of wildlife. It is pure ignorance and it makes me mad to be honest.

  2. Farmers are generally a bunch of inhumane nature controlling assholes. Their job is usually in part, to be an ass hole to nature. IT often involves being an ass hole to animals although it is often not restricted to that because farmers are also complete assholes to plants as well.

    Usually they like to have a few cats around – not too many – usually best to drown the kittens each year and maybe keep one or two to keep the rodents out.

    It is i their nature and in their blood to have no respect for life. What they call respect is only aimed at sustaining their living. They ‘respect’ nature because it can ruin their livelihoods – but it’s not actually nature or life they respect. It’s the power of nature to make their life difficult which they respect and fear.

    But nonetheless they go at nature like its theirs for the taking. Then they whine about how they can’t make a living. In England they want to kill anything thet threatens the animals because they need those animals so they can carry on being the ass holes that they are.

    If every large scale factory farmer or large scale farmer of ay sort went out of business I would laugh at their suffering. With great pleasure no less. I hope they suffer like the animals they are such proffessional ass holes to.


    No matter what you do where there are animals and farmers involved you can be sure that you are dealing with ass holes.

    You can replace the expression ‘ass hole’ with whatever you like as long as it’s very negative 🙂

    That’s just how I feel. I think westernized farming is deadly ad it’s already spread to most of the resat of the world. Pretty soon Ukraine will become another factory farming country to serve europe. All these poor countries which join europe – the people either leave to go clean other people’s homes in richer euro countries or they stay and get a dose of our factory farming techniques – the landscape is quickly destroyed, everybody leaves except the asshole farmers and the eurtocrats are happy for the extra cash.

    • Meanwhile we have to all be sad about yet another brutal long painful death of a beautiful and rare animal because some f**kwit farmer doesn’t want to loose even one of his factory ‘own poop eating’ chickens or turkeys to be killed and therefore spared the torture of a living hell.

      Not only are the assholes – but they are also a bit stupid. They think it’s ok to put chili peppers in eyes of pigs so they are in pain and stay standing up so they can squeeze more onto the truck. People who work in the business of rapig this planet deserve not to die – but to live long horrible painful stress filled unhappy lives. They deserve to wish they were dead but be unable to kill themselves. They deserve to watch their own children die because of some stupid mistake they made – they deserve the worst nightmare – they deserve post traumatic stress disorder – because thats EXACTLY what they do to nature and nature does NOT deserve it. They do.

      Sorry – this got me going 🙂

    • Yes, farmers are as you describe. They have no respect for animals other than as a means to make money. Although I shouldn’t generalise because there will be some farmers who perhaps are not very commercial and who respect animals but by and large they don’t. In the UK we have this badger cull going on right now, as you know, and it is quite disgusting to someone like me. There must be better ways of controlling TB in cattle than going around with rifles at night and shooting up badges inaccurately so they die in pain. It’s all very brutal in the UK these days.

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