Reality TV celebrity, Bird Brown, turned her shower cubicle into a cat litter box

This is a scandalous story (I am exaggerating) about the Alaskan Bush People scripted docudrama-style reality television programme which follows the lives of the Brown family off-the-grid in Alaska in a $34,000 home without running water and electricity. It is aired through the Discovery Channel. I don’t know it and have never watched it. The back story is complicated. They moved to a Washington ranch in a subsequent series. There was talk of the family not genuinely living off-the-grid but either renting places or living in a hotel and then going into their family home for the filming. So the big question is/was whether it was a fake television reality programme or genuine.

Gabe cleans out customised litter box for Bird's cats - a shower cubicle
Gabe cleans out customised litter box for Bird’s cats – a shower cubicle. Photo: The Sun – a video screenshot it seems.
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I don’t know and I’m not sure that anybody knows other than the makers of the programme. However, what we do know, because we can see it on video and in photos, is that a shower cubicle was converted into a cat litter box for the use of Bird’s cats. A novel idea. Where does she wash? It appears to be a shower cubicle inside a mobile home of some sort which for some reason Bird was living in. I’m not sure why. It may be a temporary home while the 436-acre North Star Ranch in Washington state was being rebuilt after a fire. A guess.

Bird Brown
Bird Brown. Photo in public domain.

Bird’s brother was charged with the responsibility of looking after her large number of domestic cats. He had to clean out the customised shower cubicle! In the photos you can see that it is filled with clay-based litter and there’s plenty of faeces and urine mixed in with it. Gabe was said to be gagging while he did the dirty deed. He said that he felt a sense of responsibility because the cats are very important to Bird.

Gabe cleans out customised litter box for Bird's cats - a shower cubicle. He is gagging!
Gabe cleans out customised litter box for Bird’s cats – a shower cubicle. He is gagging! Photo: The Sun – a video screenshot it seems.

This appears to be a very big issue in that Gabe eyes was smarting while he did the clear up. He said that his sister owes him one because he’s going beyond the call of duty to muck out this huge litter tray which is a shower tray. I hope nobody turned on the tap because if that clay litter substrate got wet it would be a nightmare to remove.

We are not told how many cats she has except that it’s a large number which implies that it is more than five and less than 20! We are told that the cats are
“Bird’s pride and joy-they’re practically her babies-so I’m just a little nervous, you know, a little concerned with just taking care of them. I don’t want something to happen when she’s gone and when she comes back I’m like, ‘Well we lost six.'” – Gabe, Bird’s brother.

PS-Jackson Galaxy would be appalled! He rightly says that there should be one litter tray for each cat plus one extra. It appears that Bird has one litter tray for her many cats. This is likely to cause stress in one or two of the cats because there will be competition over using it and the more dominant cats or cat can intimidate the more timid cat or cats. So I am afraid that Bird, although she loves her cats, is not doing a great job in looking after them.


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