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Reason why cat fleas congregate around the neck of a domestic cat — 4 Comments

  1. He only got out once in the summer for a half hour to a grassy lot near the apartment we live at. But the fleas multiplied like crazy. I’m a packrat which didn’t help matters. They probably laid their eggs amongst my files and books in between papers and pages which I couldn’t reach with the sprays I used. Thank you for your support to my morale. All is well now. The Comfortis the vet prescribed finally got rid of the fleas on him and kept killing the fleas from each generation of hatching eggs as soon as they got on him. All the eggs must’ve hatched by now as I’ve seen no more fleas for a couple of months. My cat Manfred is very clever in opening doors. But it’s winter now and he doesn’t want out. Fleas multiply faster than rabbits, so they must be a prey species for some predator.

    • That can only mean that your cat is in an environment (perhaps outside) where he picks them up very quickly. If you flea comb every day and flea comb out of his fur all the fleas and yet by the end of the next day he has lots of fleas then clearly he is in an environment either through hunting prey animals or where he goes that is full of fleas. These fleas jump onto him from the ground or other objects. Or they jump off prey animals onto him. In short, it is the environment in which he is in which is causing this cycle of reinfestation. Good luck with this by the way. They say that you must take an holistic approach to controlling fleas. That means looking at everything including your cat. It means including other animals and other objects and the entire home if that is required. I am not suggesting that your home needs to be treated for fleas but if it does then you have to do it.

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