Receive $300 when you adopt this cat (Vincent)

You’ll receive $300 (USD) as a gift if and when you adopt this declawed cat whose name is Vincent. Update: please see comments. The amount is now $600!

You should live within 300 miles of New Orleans, LA as he is in a shelter in New Orleans and they will make no adoption fee and provide free transport to you if you are within 300 miles of the shelter. This is Vincent’s current full address:

Zeus’ Place, 4601 Freret Street
New Orleans, LA 70115


Meet Vincent, the untouchable.

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Ideally, you should adopt Vincent’s best buddy, Lori at the same time but the main objective is to find a home for Vincent. He has been declawed and had a tough life and is a bit scared and so is defensive in nature (we are told), although I have never met him. I am absolutely sure that he will make a fine cat companion provided you are a fine human companion to cats!

Vincent is an orange tabby. Orange tabbies have a good reputation as being solid, balanced cats. See for example Fredu.

You’ll probably need some cat behavior knowledge and the ability to deliver it patiently. This website will always provide assistance. All you have to do is ask in a comment and you’ll receive a prompt answer by knowledgeable people.

It is essential that you are trustworthy. Why? Because PoC is funding this and I have to make sure that Vincent is well treated and that the money is properly spent and goes towards his welfare. Ideally, you’ll have a good track record of keeping cats but it is not essential.

There are some conditions attached to the $300 gift. I have to set some conditions to protect Vincent….Sorry if that sounds a bit tough but we live in that kind of world.

  1. The money will be paid at the rate of $30 per month for ten months. The preferable way to transfer the payment is through PayPal. So..
  2. You will need a PayPal account or please make a suggestion.
  3. Vincent’s caretaker/guardian must provide a date stamped photo of Vincent once per month, at the caretaker’s home. The photo should illustrate a comment on this page made once per month. The comment should update readers as to Vincent progress. You can download smartphone apps that date stamp photos so this requirement should be very workable.

That is it. Not much to ask really. Money for old rope. Please leave a comment if you are interested in adopting Vincent and receiving a gift of $300 (USD).

41 thoughts on “Receive $300 when you adopt this cat (Vincent)”

  1. By the way- the expression on Vincent’s face on the website is the way he looks all the time. I asked the shelter manager if he was related to “Grumpy”. They will try to get a better photo posted, but that was the most photogenic one they have been able to get so far.

    Vincent may be somewhat camera shy.. but his facial expression is how he always looked since he was adopted. The shelter is also interested in exploring the possibility that Vincent’s paws may be sore as a result of his being declawed. While he runs and plays and has no apparent difficulty walking, we talked about how cats hide their pain, so they are open to having his paws evaluated. I sent them the link to Dr. Ron Gaskin’s declaw repair page to share with their vet IF the vet thinks that his paws may be hurting him.

    Will update when I hear anything further.

  2. I just received an update about Vincent and Torti (that is the name of the other kitty)- with some new information about the cats. The shelter folks truly appreciate the interest in these two kitties, the donations made to help an adopter care for the cats, and all the love and concern expressed by PoC contributers and readers.

    This is a no-kill facility. These cats can spend the rest of their days living with them, but of course they truly hope that someone who is truly committed to these two kitties will come forward. These two kitties cannot be separated. They are so deeply bonded that it would cause great emotional upset for them, making any adjustments to a new home very difficult.

    At this time, both Vincent and Torti are on “holiday” ,visitng the owner’s home. They are playing and romping and totally enjoying themselves. But to clear the air- the cats are NOT caged 24/7. They get plenty of exercise and play time during the day and evening. These cats are very special to this boarding facility/ shelter, and everyone loves them and cares deeply about their welfare.

    So lets get our intention focused on finding someone fairly local to New Orleans ( within 350 miles) to come forward. What a celebration we will all have when these two kitties are placed together. They MUST go together.

    Crossing my toes, fingers and eyes at this point.

    • It’s good to hear that news from the Shelter which is obviously a first class one and they obviously care deeply about the cats.
      Yes Vincent and Torti need a loving forever home together, it will be heartbreaking for the people there who love the cats, to part with them, but I expect they would be very happy to have them rehomed and free up space for two more cats in need.

      • The Shelter owner takes Vincent and Torti home sometimes Dee, but they would be happy for them to have a permanent forever home together.

  3. He has such an amazing face – he looks so unhappy. Who knows but it’s possible he isnt happy there. Maybe it’s a no kill shelter – since he’s been there so long. Actually he is very lucky to have been saved thus far.

    • Yes, he looks like he needs a pile of TLC and then his hard heart will melt. I know I am anthropomorphising him but he does need a period of calm and good friendship. I want to see his expression change. Then I’ll know he feels better.

    • He IS so unhappy and afraid. How much human contact do you think he has really had all this time? Torti is the same.
      We need a miracle!

    • Marc you are just simply an Earth Angel, along with Michael two of the kindest and more generous men I have the pleasure to know.
      The Shelter where Vincent and Torti are must be no kill, because he’s still there years after I first saw him. A kill Shelter would have killed him long ago!
      The study some of us in the UK helped Jean Hofve with was looking at the percentage of declawed cats and the reason they had been relinquished. Vincent was obviously untouchable because of being declawed but I’d guess whoever dumped him there wouldn’t take the blame for that!
      Unfortunately the study came to nothing much because so many declawed cats with problems were killed on admission to kill Shelters and no count of the numbers of them were kept, so it distorted the statistics as it looked like there weren’t as many declawed cats relinquished as clawed cats. Years of gathering statistics and seeing cats like poor Vincent twice a week was heartbreaking, I was glad when Jean stopped it but I never forgot Vincent and when Connor popped up and was interested in him I was so happy!
      I hope and pray someone else will pop up now and adopt both Vincent and Torti, yours and Michael’s help mean someone who may not have been able to afford to do this might now think again.
      We can only keep on sharing this article and hope ….hope….hope …..

      • I really have my fingers crossed for Vincent.

        I would have him here – I am just so far away. But there are companies which transport animals around the world and I’d pay for him to be brought here in the worst case scenario. I would do it. I would gladly not buy a single xmas present and pay for Vincent to be brought here – I live near the airport and could go pick him up straight from there. I’m sure that it can be done.

        • You are so kind Marc!
          Jo sent me this message today:
          ‘Michelle (joint owner of the shelter) took Vincent and Tori home with her over the weekend. She told the volunteer (who Jo spoke to on the phone) that they have been running up and down stairs like cats- having a blast being loose in her home, enjoying the freedom they are having now. They really want to get them adopted- and preferably together if at all possible since they are so attached to one another’
          I feel that Vincent needs his friend Torti to give him confidence, they obviously get along wonderfully together and behave like normal cats, running around. From this it doesn’t seem as if Vincent has serious health problems, which is very good news! The people at the Shelter seem very kind so I think it would be worth hanging on a bit to see if someone comes forward to adopt both cats and not too far a journey away to traumatise them too much.

          • Ruth – I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to know he is having a nice time with his best buddy. He is running around like cats should – what a great thing that is. I really hope they both get adopted together. I’d even be willing to offer a bit more you know. So glad they took him and his friend to a nice home for some time off from the shelter.

            I wonder how much it would cost to have them sent here – I am guessing over a thousand dollars. But if nobody comes forward I would do it. Clearly being in a shelter they are used to other cats being around and I know my Lilly would love a big orange boy in the house. I would do it – I’d save up to have them brought here if the only other option is to stay another 3 years in the shelter then don’t you think it would be worth the difficulty of getting them here over nowhere at all?

            • YES I do Marc, it would be far less traumatic two cats together than Vincent on his own.
              I think if you do manage to do this wonderful thing, you should have the PoC donations for as long as it takes to pay your expenses. Why not? Anyone else adopting those cats would accept it! You must stop giving donations to others until your own are all covered. I would have sent a donation (sadly smaller than I’d like to) to Connor and would gladly send it to you instead to help a bit, I think others who have offered to send donations to Connor would do the same. There’s no doubt in my mind that Michael would agree to you having the donations he promised anyone adopting Vincent.
              My only concern is how do you go about bringing animals to Switzerland from the USA? Do you have quarrantine laws there ? What inoculations would they have to have? All that would be to find out and sort out and it’s a HUGE undertaking.
              I know if you pulled it off though those two cats would have the BEST home they ever could xx

              • Being already in a shelter close to a vet they can get the vaccines they need. To come here they need to have had at least a Rabies vaccination over 3 weeks before they come. I don’t know how close they are to a major airport – but once here their journey would literally be a 20min drive home from the airport so no big deal on this end. I’ll be perfectly honest – I’d pay for them to be brought here even if it cost quite a fair bit. As it happens I have some money put aside for my cats incase of emergency – quite a bit incase because here its expensive. I could use that money and then I could replace it after a couple months of working if I am careful and it would be totally worth it to me. What I lack is the time and knowledge to arrange it. I know in the US there are services who bring animals door to door accross the world and my only concern would be for their wellbeing through the journey. It would be scary for them but the flight is probably about 8 hours – I’d be quite happy to do this if nobody steps forward. As long as they are indoor cats and are used to it and they know how it is to have other cats around then I’d be fine with it.

              • Your financial donations to so many cats is a wonderful way to help them, I know our Sanctuaries here much appreciate what you’ve given them!
                It’s much nicer being a hands on volunteer of course, that no one has taken you up on your offer is surprising, they obviously don’t know how good you are with cats.
                You never see the cats you help do you, but if you do adopt Vincent and Torti then donating to yourself makes sense (if you see what I mean lol) I know you will be rewarded by their love once they settle in but you have to be practical, it would cost you a lot of money if it happens. More mouths to feed too and vet bills etc, so just accept all the financial help you are offered or I will just have to come over there and give you some ‘nip therapy’ until you do lol

            • You’d need someone knowledgeable in the USA to help you and I think Jo is just the person.
              I’ll ask her to come to this page with her thoughts, it might be later of course as it’s 11 am here and I think the USA are around 8 hours behind us.
              If it happens that no one else offers those cats a home and you do take them yourself, you must accept all offers of financial help Marc, you’ve given so much to others!!
              You know you have to be able to receive as well as to give 😉

              • 🙂 thank you Ruth you are very kind. Don’t forget though that I don’t do anything out here for cats otherwise – I wish I could but there is nowhere that needs a volunteer for now. I’ve put myself on lists but nobody has called me up yet. So it’s the least I can and should do really.

                I am totally open to having them here though if it will save them from having a difficult life at a shelter.

              • USA states are divided into 4 time zones.

                From east to west, I think this is correct:

                EST (east coast where I am – Florida)
                5 hours behind you
                CST (where Vincent and Torti are – Louisiana)
                6 hours behind you
                MT 7 hours behind you
                PST (west coast where our Dorothy lives – California)
                8 hours behind you

            • Hi Marc-

              I was blown away by your generous offer. The folks at the shelter feel that Switzerland is just too far away for these kitties- the long trip, etc.. but they were greatly touched by your interest in the cats.

              International Air travel is very costly. I just did some research on the cost- which is prohibitive for most people. The cost can run as high as $2,000 USD per cat for transport overseas, and the cats would have to be shipped in cargo. Some carriers even require that the kitty guardian accompany the cats on the same plane- which would require a round-trip ticket for the guardian as well. The shelter folks are requiring they be adopted together, but they are more than welcome to remain with them for the rest of their lives…there is no time limit on their stay. These cats are loved and well cared for. Thank you for your amazing offer, however. It really touched my heart.

        • If you brought them to Switzerland, Marc I’m guessing there would be a period of quarantine before you could take them home with you. There are serious risks flying them to you, and then during the time in quarantine. Would they be well treated? Would they get sick from stress and exposure to new illnesses?
          That being said, were I in your place and truly felt a calling to help these particular animals I would pray and do it. But I’d wait a bit first to see if someone closer will step forward.

  4. {{{{{{Michael}}}}

    With all this extra energy being poured into Vincent finding a loving purrmanent home- and with this strong intention- let’s hope that the good mews comes very quickly.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Michael- this is simply amazing!!!


    • I will add another 300 dollars on top of that – in this case it would extend the $30/month for another 10months. AndI really hope Lori will stay with him too. That would make close to 2 years they would have their food supplies and maybe litter too, covered. I can also just make it 60/month and stay at 10 months. It’s up to the kind person who will give them a home.

      • You’re too good a person but thanks and Wow! Maybe something will happen now. I want this cat to live a decent life for a while before he dies. That is it. It is not asking a lot.

      • Marc, I can’t even tell you what you mean to me and to cats. You are a wonder.
        Michael, the one thing I would hope is that, should Conner reappear, he wouldn’t be allowed to take Vincent or Torti. I know it seems harsh, but he fell off the face of the earth when hopes were high. He didn’t have the courage to, maybe, say he had changed his mind. Vincent and Torti nedd a stable, responsible caretaker.
        It wouldn’t bother me at all if POC November donation was thrown into the works to assure a place for Torti too.
        We have sp many in need right now; but, to me, Vincent takes priority.

      • Wow, Marc. I’m trying to add in my head and $30/month is very good.
        I caretake A LOT of cats, as you know, spending about $400/month just to feed; so, your estimate of $15-30/cat/month is luxurious.
        Vincent and Torti will have good lives.

        • Really? Good to know because I wasn’t sure – over here where I live that would not go so far. But I know things are cheaper out there but if not it could be added to Michaels 30 a month to make 60 a month if its better that way around.

          I want to bring them here if they don’t get adopted!

    • This is another stab in the dark to try and make something happen. Ruth, do you know how long the current shelter are able to house him for? Do we have a time limit? Do you think my monetary incentive is a good idea?

      • I think it’s a wonderful and generous idea Michael and especially that you would want to keep track of his welfare every month so that only someone who truly wanted to adopt him for his own sake and not for the money you offer, would take you up on it.
        As far as I can make out the Shelter must be keeping him permanently, he seems to have been there for years now, it’s at least 3 years since I was doing the declaw data on that Shelter for Jean and he’s in the same place.
        It would be such a pity if Torti has to be let behind though, apparently they are really good friends and she would be a support to Vincent if only some kind hearted cat lover would take them both.
        We know that cats do mourn their friends if parted.
        What a wonderful outcome if both cats had a forever home together, how I hope and pray it will happen.

          • Thanks, you are brilliant. You right, they should stay together. I didn’t want to emphasis that because I feel we are getting desperate here and it is becoming a matter of life and death. I don’t know how long the shelter will house him.


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