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Recent shelter article states “to boldly go where their discomfort level for change has never gone before” — 18 Comments

    • People who live near the shelter and complain are banned. They’re called troublemakers for being concerned about the animals. One friend of mine had to jump through hoops when her lost cat ended up there and there was a problem with the microchip. Anyone who tries to speak up is quickly silenced, one way or another.

      • Yup….I “stood guard” over R’s cat until she got to the shelter that day and then she had to wait for a while before she could get him out!

  1. What angers me the most is those poor little kittens being spayed and released instead of being put up for adoption. Young ferals can be tamed. All the shelter is doing by releasing them is making them coyote snacks or the poor kittens will be hit by a car or starve to death. How can anyone think this is a good idea?

    • I totally agree….this is heartless! What’s wrong with these people. Greenville County…yes…animal care…NO!

  2. I was banned a few years ago for asking questions about dogs that were tagged for rescue and even pull fees paid being put down repeatedly. They would let it go as far as we go to pick up a van load for rescue transport and they would say ” oops.. they were accidentally pts”.. I hope someone can get this place fixed, I have tried taking it to the city council only to be turned away. People I know who worked there have been fired for having concerns as well. I know years ago they were in the black , meaning money wise they were profitting!!!! They get paid for every animal that enters that place from Spartanburg, no matter if they’re killed or not. It’s a crying shame !!!!

  3. All rescues I know of, DO push for s/n. And often times will help a person get their animal altered at a low cost.

  4. We took 3 kittens into our organization that were TNRed by GCAS at 2 lbs or under and they were left on a country road in the middle of nowhere. Thanks to a kind soul we were able to take them and adopt them out to indoor homes as they were very tame. A good TNR program depends on caretakers and folks knowing cats are being placed back so they can be cared for. Our TNR program adopts out the tame kittens. Had the Good Samaritan not come along, they would have been prey. I did let them know what happened and what I thought of this.

      • They get money for every animal brought in from Spartanburg County. What if they take domestic cats that come from there, call them feral, TNR them and then release them back. That way they would get the money and the cat is only there short term. Not saying this is what’s happening. Just thinking aloud…

  5. There is a lot of secrets. That will not be talk about. I had to quite volunteering and fostering. Sad, that cats and dogs have to be killed for their advantage. I couldn’t take it any more. Known it will never change. I do wish the truth would come out about there.

  6. New Mexico recently went after the veterinarian in one of the more rural clinics. The NDA almost seems to prohibit employees or anyone else from reporting animal abuse. If someone pulls a cat from this shelter that they feel has been abused under the supervision of the staff veterinarian I don’t think anything could prevent them from filing a complaint through the SVB.
    BTW it sickens me to think someone would think spaying a 2 lb kitten and then dumping then on the street is acceptable.

    • It’s a numbers game. That 2-pound kitten counts as a live release. The aborted kittens don’t count at all.

      • My vet had issues spaying my 2 kits this year and they were 5 months and nearly 8lbs. A 2 pound kitten is incapable of caring for itself we aren’t even at the 12 week mark. I don’t see how this doesn’t constitute animal abuse.
        Once again if shelters were dumping 8 week old puppies on dirt roads there would be an internet meltdown.

  7. My understanding is that they are killing all the treatable cats and releasing babies to fend for themselves!!!!
    Among other awful things!

  8. You know I was banned from volunteering illegally 2 years ago because I spoke out about things I saw there. I am also blocked from commenting on their threads. But I still help the animals there as much as I can. There are great strides being made to become no kill, and I’m sure many practices have started that people would object to if they knew about them. One thing I have noticed is less animals are being brought INTO GCAC from Spartanburg County this year. Did Spartanburg build a shelter? Or are Animal Control just not rounding up cats to take there? Spartanburg County now has TNR so maybe they are fixing them there and releasing them back with tipped ears. Finally, anytime there is no transparency in any government agency, something is terribly wrong. Gestapo tactics like the non disclosure agreement should not be tolerated in an agency that tax payers support and fund.

    • Maybe someone from Spartanburg can answer that. I’ve kept up Pinterest boards on the GCACS animals since 2014. The cats are definitely down to almost nothing. The shelter may think it’s a good thing not to have many cats for adoption but that can backfire and people won’t come to the shelter to adopt their next cat. They’ll get a freebie, which will eventually end up at the shelter if they don’t get it fixed.

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