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Recent tales from Ark on the Edge — 7 Comments

  1. Such a lovely article and photos, thank you Danielle, I do love reading your stories.
    I hope Tabitha finds a wonderful forever home with someone who will love and care for her as she deserves to be and that the kittens get good homes too.
    It must break your heart at times doing this rescue work, it touches mine just reading about it! x

  2. It was really interesting to read the stories of all these cats and kittens that have ended up in your care, if they did but know it was their lucky day. I hope they all end up with loving homes and a fireplace of their own, and before Christmas would be nice.

  3. Hi Danielle. Thanks a lot for updating us and taking the time to write it. Excellent article. No need to apologise. I enjoyed reading it a lot.

    These are adorable cats. I shouldn’t favour any individual cat but Blitzen has stolen my heart ;)!

    You gave her a great name too. Comet has a superb tabby coat which is half way between spotted and mackerel (stripes). Very distinct markings almost like a Bengal cat.

    And Tabitha. Oh, what great work you did! There is always a silver lining. As you say she learnt to trust you through the tough days of trying to save and losing four kittens.

    • Blitzen is superb lol such a little character already she is going to be a funny little character

      Tabitha broke my heart with what she went through I’m just hoping someone will give her achance xxx

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