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  1. I don’t see how someone could love an unfeeling piece of stupid furniture over the health and well being of a living being. Tamara should have bought an aquarium with fish instead of cats. She dosen’t love her cats at all–certainly not as much as her stupid furniture, selfishly taking away her cats’ claws and bones. Maybe her cats are sort of OK for now, but what about years down the road? I have leather furniture–cats don’t bother it at all. Our cats have an outdoor run with real logs for them to strop their claws on for the exercise they require, and they get their nails trimmed by me every 2 weeks or so. Tamara is also just lazy, and didn’t want to take 5 minutes of her precious time to trim her cats’ nails.

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  3. WHY de claw your cat. So you have kids that rip things to shreds you DON’T declaw them. I’ve got five kids that are the best in the world, MY cats have been TAUGHT NOT to scratch furniture and people.
    PS the kids were taught the same principle.
    PPS all my kids are lefties as are my cats, but I never taught them to be lefties.

    • Thank you for commenting, Diane. I completely agree with your course. It is barbaric. It is completely unethical. It is shocking to me that almost all the veterinarians in America declaw cats against their oath and the ethics of their profession because it is invariably done for nontherapeutic reasons. It is bizarre that this practice carries on and is deemed legal when actually it is the brutal mutilation of innocent animals.

      • lol what a wonderful couch 😉
        Yes it is just an inanimate unfeeling piece of furniture and it’s replaceable, cats toe ends are irreplaceable.

        • It does have a bit of charm.
          I have 2 other pieces just as charming.
          I posted that pic for Barbara and her claw complaints. Maybe she has a match to show.

        • It does have a bit of charm.
          I have 2 other pieces just as charming.
          I posted that pic for Barbara and her claw complaints. Maybe she has a match to show.

      • Dee I absolutely love your furniture, it just oozes care and understanding of cats and what they need to do, I’d have this any day rather than a showroom perfect suite and crippled cats. xx

        • LOL!
          Right down to the wood where they really wanted to be anyway!
          Out with the old and in with a new scheme that may last a little longer.
          Will be tossing these pieces out on the deck for the enjoyment of others.
          Do I care? HELL NO!!!

          • I’m here as Babz so I don’t get confused with Barbara! Dee you are a star, I love your sentiments as well as your furniture, it’s cats that are important, not what you sit upon.

            • Yes we don’t want our kind, compassionate, true cat lover and anti declaw advocate Barbara, confused with the other Barbara who is sadly lacking in knowledge about the cruelty of declawing.

  4. Dear Taz and Ridiculous. You can’t post opposing views on this site without getting criticized. My cats have their claws only because I didn’t know enough to get it done when I found these two 5 week old kittens abandoned under my porch several years ago. Yes to the person that says cats don’t scratch woodwork, they certainly do. Every single doorway in the house although the male also chews so nothing is safe anyway and no I wouldn’t have his teeth pulled out. I think it’s not a good idea to declaw 6 yr old cats so it won’t be done to these 2. I spent a lot of time taking them to their scratching post, which are everywhere, hanging ones, standing one, etc. They use the scratching posts as well as all woodwork, all rugs and all furniture.
    What gets me about this group is they turn a blind eye to the surgery that cuts the cats open and removes their reproductive parts because they agree with that “mutilation for human convenience” so they don’t have to keep their cats inside and put up with the inconvenience of making sure their cats don’t reproduce twice a year, or the spraying that male cats will do to mark their territory. Substitute spaying and neutering in place of every emotional response to declawing and you will see what I mean. My cats are fixed and remain inside at all times. I love them any way, but just wish they were declawed.
    Now I will sit back and wait for the hysterical responses to what I just said. I just want you to know you are not monsters and many intelligent people agree with you.

    • Barbara. I own the site and I accept views that are different to mine. I like alternative viewpoints. Yes, you might get criticised but it will be polite (I hope) and the counter argument will be sound. Neutering for the female is a serious operation but there is a good reason for it which benefits the cats whereas there is no benefit for the cat when declawed. It is the opposite, lots of pain, often complications and sometimes permanent pain and arthritis and all manner of complications.

      It is about what is ethical and what is right for the cat. It is about respecting the cat. Declawing does not meet these goals.

    • No hysteria here, Barbara.
      I admire your honestly on this subject that is so under fire these days.
      I doubt that your home is much different from mine. Regardless of scratching posts at every turn, my woodwork and furniture have taken a real beating. My curtains are scaled daily, mini blinds crashed to the floor long ago, and anything shredable is shredded.
      But, they are only things that are replaceable. My cats’ claws aren’t. When I throw everything on the scale, the living entities outweigh the inanimate objects.

    • Neutering is not for human convenience, declawing IS!
      An un-neutered tom cat feels frustrated if he can’t find a mate, also his urine smells very strong, he will travel miles to find a female in heat. He will get into fights with other tom cats and end up with injuries, that’s if he doesn’t get run over or someone harms him because he is being a pest, spraying wherever he goes and howling for a mate.
      An un-neutered female will come constantly into heat and if she isn’t mated she will more than likely develop problems in her uterus and/or mammary glands. If she is mated, then she will bring more unwanted kittens into a world where many kittens and cats are being killed daily for lack of homes.
      So you see neutering is GOOD!
      Now declawing, it is major surgery no matter whatever the method the butcher masquerading as a vet doing it uses, it disables cats for life and causes them many physical and mental problems.
      You don’t have to believe us, you can have it confirmed by the Paw Project vets who are repairing the mutilated paws of as many suffering cats as they can. Paws mutilated by vets who break their oath to cause no animal to suffer….declawing causes lifelong suffering, make no mistake about that!

  5. Tamara, I would love to know how it is you came to learn that there has never been a blood bath for any of your cats? Vet clinics have a morning routine, where all animal cages are cleaned before the clinic opens. Even if you saw inside your cats’ cages, you never would have known if there was or wasn’t a blood bath, simply because you never would have seen the bedding from the night before.

    I have a foster kitten called Charlie, and thank Goodness he was born in Australia, where we recognised years and years ago that declawing was cruel, and so we banned it. Charlie will go to a home where he’ll have his own scratching post exercise and maintain his claws. By the way, I currently have 7 cats in my home, and my furniture is in top condition.

    Imagine this, let’s say that YOU, Tamara, live in a rich beautiful house, you eat only the best food, and sleep in a warm bed by the fire. However, one night you were taken from your home, had your fingers and toes cut off, and were brought back to your home to continue living your life. You might have all these wonderful materialistic things, but at the end of the day, someone amputated your fingers and toes, things that are so necessary to your daily life! How would you like that? Well, that is EXACTLY what you’ve done to your cats.

    I work at a cat shelter, hundreds and hundreds of cats walk in and out of our doors, and not once has anyone ever surrendered a cat, or decided not to adopt, because of the cat’s claws! The whole ‘nobody will want them if they’re not declawed’ is a complete and utter lie! And you know it! If you’re shallow enough to admit to not wanting a cat due to it’s claws, then you shouldn’t have a cat at all! I bet you’re the type of person who would get a dog devocalised, because, ‘nobody will want him if he barks!’. You TEACH a dog not to bark, and you TEACH a cat not to scratch inappropriate objects. You do not surgically alter the animal! This is the 21st century, yet people like you still run around doing such medieval practices! You, and everyone else who declaws, absolutely DISGUST me!

    • Well said Maggie. Excellent. One problem with Americans and declawing is that a lot of them are indoctrinated into thinking that a cat should not have claws. They are also indoctrinated into believing that the human can alter the anatomy of cats as they wish and to suit themselves. It is a culture thing that has developed over generations. It is a sad distortion of what is good and kind. Another oddity about the American culture are the gun laws. It is the only industrialized country in the world that declaws cats and has such lax gun control. I wonder if they are connected?

      There are, though, a lot of great things about America, so please don’t misunderstand me. I just find declawing so strange and so cruel.

    • Maggie you are spot on with your comment clearly Tamara is shallow enough to believe that its ok to amputate a cats valuable toes because the fact that she has a nice home makes this acceptable.

  6. For whose benefit was it you ask?
    For the cats owners benefit of course, the same as you had your cats mutilated for your own benefit.
    Who butchered the cats you ask?
    A vet just like your vet who butchered your cats for you.
    You took really good care of your cats did you? I beg to disagree, you don’t call handing them over for needless major surgery which ruins cats lives, taking good care.
    I agree with the others, you need to do some research but sadly it is too late for the poor now disabled cats that had the misfortune to end up with you.

  7. Why can’t you believe the pictures with all the blood Tamara?That’s what happens at declawing,you can’t amputate living joints without them bleeding.
    But maybe your vet burns them off instead,less bleeding but no less consequences from the amputations,the cat no less disabled.
    Indoor cats need their claws too,I can’t see why you reckon a warm home and good food and sleeping on your bed is such a big deal,it’s the least they deserve after what you have done to them.
    It’s no good coming here trying to justify this cruelty, you need to spend some time instead educating yourself to reality.

  8. Tamara you are typical of the ignorance about declawing and you seem to think cats should be glad to have their toe ends amputated for the privelege of having a home.
    Did you stay with all your cats when you took them in for this major surgery? Did you see their fear at waking up with painful paws, did you see the bloody cages? No of course you didn’t as when you collected your cats they had been cleaned up and were over the first shock and adjusting to life as cripples, because they had no choice.
    Your oh so casual statement about having your latest kiten neutered and declawed says it all. Why did you have Charlie declawed? Don’t you know declawing is a last resort for serious scratching behaviour and not a routine operation to prevent cats doing what they need to do? Scratching is not bad behaviour, it’s necessary behaviour to a cat, to stay healthy, to keep their muscles strong. You say none of your cats had problems. Are you sure? Do you know cats suffer in silence and that as your declawed cats aged they probably suffered painful arthritis? Were their old age issues arthritis?
    Now you’ve condemned yet another poor kitten to a lifetime of potential problems from having had his last toe joints amputated! Have you not heard of scratching posts? Don’t you know that declawing is banned in 39 countries as animal abuse?
    Maybe your cats did/do have a nice home to live in but the price they paid was far too high and if you truly did love them you would never have put them through the most painful surgery a cat can endure, you should be thankful they don’t know it was you who paid a vet to do that to them!
    Cats come with claws because they need claws, the sooner the cruel operation called declawing is banned worldwide, the better.

  9. I can’t believe the pictures with all the blood. For who’s benefit was that and who butchered that poor cat? I have had five cats declawed and just recently my new kitten Charlie has been neutered and declawed. There never has been such a blood bath for any of them. I took really good care of all my cats when they were declawed and not one of them had any kind of issues after wards. No litter box problems, no extra biting, no limb problems. They all were okay but sadly three got old and had old age issues and now are in kitty heaven. All my cats always will be indoor cats who have a nice warm home, sleep on my bed and eat the best of cat food. The one and only thing I don’t like them to do is get onto my counter but they still push the bounders there too. I loved all of my cats with all my heart. Better declaw and have a nice home to live in than be banished to the out doors and have a slim chance of survival or the SPCA to live out the rest of their lives or be euthanized due to nobody wanting them.

    • You are wrong because it is immoral and unethical to declaw. No matter how much you want to justify it you can’t get around the unethical nature of the whole grizzly process. Please wake up to the reality.

    • A typically ignorant reply from someone who thinks cats should be grateful for a home despite having to pay the huge price of their toe ends.You probably deliver your cats for surgery, go home and pick them up the next day thinking they’ve had a kitty manicure, well the reality is grim, painful, bloody and cruel so wake up and do some research into what it is you’ve inflicted on your cats.

    • My God Tamara you sound exactly like every other American who has declawed their cat in favour of their furniture, as for really believing that there isn’t lots of blood do you really think your money grabbing vet would hand your mutilated kitten back to you traumatised and covered in blood? Wrong!! That really wouldn’t do would it to jeopardise their precious easy income that comes from torturing cats & kittens that people like you happily hand over.

      You are wrong, Tamara and the ethics of vets in your country is sadly very wrong. I’m just glad that I live in a country where we wouldn’t dream of mutilating our pets for the sake of the furniture. I’ve had cats all my life and unlike you I DO love them with all my heart because unlike you I would never hand them to a vet to disable them with a totally uneccessary operation.

      I really would like to think we have opened your eyes but sadly I think not, you have taken away esssential, precious parts of your cats anatomy because your furniture is more important so NO you DON’T love them with all your heart you are selfish and shallow and you love your furniture more!

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