Reclining Feral Kitty

Reclining Feral Kitty

It doesn't get better for a feral cat - sun, shade, nice temperature

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It doesn't get better for a feral cat - sun, shade, nice temperature

A friend that frequents this site suggested that I post this photo that was taken approximately five years ago.

It’s of a feral cat that inhabited several back yards along a small canyon in the San Diego area.

At the residence where the picture was taken the owners would put out food, and treats for the cat, thus it was especially comfortable in this particular backyard, where it would often take cat naps on the shade cloth of one of the cymbidium orchid houses.

While working in the area, I spotted the cat up there snoozing away, and having my camera on hand decided to take advantage of what seem an excellent picture taking opportunity.

The orange colored fruit in the background are persimmons hanging from a tree that grew over the shade structure, further providing a cozy spot for afternoon kitty napping.

Hi...who are you!...Nice picture of a very content feral cat. I must say, I think this feral cat has managed to get it right.

He or she is almost behaving as a domestic "time share" cat sharing the back yards of several homes in the immediate area.

And the weather in San Diego, year round is pretty well ideal feral cat conditions, nice and stable, not too cold or hot.

I wonder if you get more feral cats in San Diego than elsewhere for that reason?

Thanks for showing us a nice feral cat pic...Michael

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Reclining Feral Kitty

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Dec 22, 2009 Coyotes
by: Michael

Hi Robert..I have heard about the Coyotes in rural areas in the United States. The first time I heard it was an issue was concerning a person in Beverly Hills who was feeding and trapping and neutering feral cats. The residents were concerned that the food was attracting Coyotes that can attack feral and domestic cats.

We don't have large wildlife in England that can do that kind of damage. The fox is the nearest we have and they seem to steer clear of cats.

Coyote on rocks in the sun
Coyote - Photo by Alan Vernon

Dec 18, 2009 Reclining Feral Kitty Follow Up
by: Robert

Hi Michael

I'm a professional gardener, also an artist (painter), and occasionally dabbling in photography as well. I once spent several years learning my way around a Canon SLR, with various lenses, and switched to digital somewhere around 2002.

As for the feral cat regional comparison question, I'm not really qualified to speculate on the matter, having little knowledge of feral cat populations elsewhere.

I do know there have been quite a few feral cats in this area over the years, perhaps being on, or in the vicinity of the canyon has been a factor in this?

Despite being in the heart of the city, it?s almost like being in the country as well, once one steps into the backyards off the canyons that run through the area here in South Park.

There's been an ever increasing amount of wild life over the years, ranging from squirrels, possums, raccoons, skunks, a recent migration of gophers, and fence lizards. Also the occasional fox, and lately coyotes have become a problem, having taken to living in the canyons directly behind the homes here.

With the coyote situation going unchecked, a toll has been rendered on the local pet population in recent years, a neighbor up the street having lost a small dog to them about six months ago.

Some other neighbors that have done a lot of work with feral cat rescue over the years, capturing, spaying, neutering, and often adopting, informed me that they also lost a cat to the coyotes since the last time I took over kitty sitting for them a couple months ago.

As it happens I'm currently kitty sitting again thru the weekend, the current count being five house kitties, Sidney, Gracie, Nanny, Spot, and Pierre, all of them having been feral at one time, are now settled into lives of domestic household bliss.

I'm also told to anticipate two "canyon kitty" drop ins, Midnight, and Amos that come, and go according to whim, in order to dine on various varieties of both dry, and canned kitty chow, plus indulge in the ever popular catnip that is always in generous supply as well.

After all there's nothing better, than a good roll in the nip after a hearty meal!

Dec 18, 2009 pretty kitty
by: Jan Plant

What a lovely photo! He sure looks laid back and cozy! Thanks for sharing!

Dec 18, 2009 Excellent
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Excellent photo. Getting black cats right on photos can be a problem - they often ends up as "some undefined black matter with eyes". But this cat looks great with the light playing in the fur - and that smashing orange and green background. Thanks for posting. πŸ™‚

Dec 18, 2009 Feral cat
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

What a lovely photo ! The cat looks very relaxed but also on the alert 'Don't you come too close'
Thank you for sharing this.

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