Recognise Good Veterinarians

Recognise Good Veterinarians

by Michael
(London, UK)

We should recognise good veterinarians as well as criticise the bad. In this context I am referring to the veterinarian’s approach to the declawing of cats. A vet who declaws must be automatically bad no matter how skilled and clever he or she is because it is a gross abuse of, and an assault on, the cat. To declaw a cat undermines everything the vet does. It makes him or her two faced and unprincipled and you can’t trust an unprincipled vet.

We should, though, recognise good veterinarians or those that at least seem to have a better grasp of the moral issues and who comply with their oath!

This short post is part of that process. Barbara pointed me in the direction of the Skaer Veterinary Clinic, 404 Edgemoor Building, 100 Wichita, USA. link

They have a nice, clean, simple and modern website and their policy on declawing is 90% good by our standards. By “our standards” I mean the standards of people who see no place in the world for declawing. They don’t completely ban it from their surgery, which is disappointing but they do at least say some good things that discourage it.

They say,

“In general, we do not recommend declawing your cat..”

Their message (which can be seen here) is that a cat caretaker should consider alternatives and that declawing cats is an operation of last resort.

I know all the troops would disagree with that on one issue – it should never happen even as a last resort as it can never be justified.

So the Skaer Veterinary Clinic just misses the point I feel. The door to declawing should not be left ajar but be firmly shut.

That said, the mentality that this clinic shows is a step in the right direction and a far cry from the active encouragement to declawing that some vets participate in by callously giving out vouchers and providing discount packages.

If anyone bumps into another “good vet” maybe we should promote them? This may be another way of fighting declawing.

Note 1: Dr Skaer is actively involved in low cost spaying and neutering in Kansas, for which he should be praised and it shows a good approach to animal welfare.

Note 2: I am giving this clinic the benefit of the doubt in assuming that they do what they say, meaning that they do very little declawing. If I am wrong – watch out…:)!


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Recognise Good Veterinarians to Declawing cats

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Recognise Good Veterinarians

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Aug 22, 2010 Cat Clinic of Roswell, Georgia-Good Vet!
by: Anonymous

The Cat Clinic of Roswell, Georgia, USA, is a good vet clinic that does not declaw and actively educates their clientele about the negative effects of declawing. Their website ( includes a Declawing Fact Sheet, and they provide FREE claw trimming with no appointment necessary. Their motto is “Four Paws With Claws”! They are an example of feline medicine done RIGHT in the U.S., and I dearly hope more vet clinics can learn from their example, because they are staying in business just fine!!

Jul 31, 2010 Jo
by: Michael

Jo, please tell us who this vet is. We should praise him or her. This may help change things.

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Jul 29, 2010 I have a GREAT vet
by: Jo Singer

We are blessed with a magnificent vet who refuses to declaw cats. Additionally, her office staff is free to educate folks that call to try to set up an appointment for this horrendous procedure. They tell callers precisely what is involved, and educate them about all the humane alternatives available. WE ARE BLESSED.

I just pray that declawing becomes a thing of the past, here in the United States. I just don’t understand why people get a cat and have it declawed. Perhaps they should get a realistic appearing toy to adorn their home instead.

Jul 29, 2010 Good Vets do exist
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

I vote for my own vet hospital – Hancock Animal Hospital in Quincy, Massachusetts (10+ miles south of Boston).

Dr. Wember offers “Soft Paws” under the heading: ‘Soft Paws – Feline Declawing Alternative’ on the website. Parts of the site are still under construction; however, Dr. Wember does not endorse nor perform declaw surgery. He has turned potential clients away at the request of declawing. He comes right out and tells people that it is inhumane.

Jul 29, 2010 BOYCOTT vets that declaw
by: Susan

Michael, I so agree with you about recognizing GOOD vets, those humane & compassionate vets that do no unecessary harm to animals and do not cut off their healthy body parts. As far as I am concerned, vets that only do a “few declaws”, or declaw “as a last resort” are NOT good vets. GOOD VETS NEVER, EVER DECLAW because there is never, ever a valid reason to amputate the 3rd phalanx digit from a digitigrade animal. Even the “medical reasons” are shallow in my opinion. For instance, if there is a fungus or infection in the nail bed, then why not cure it with antibiotics instead of severing it off and throwing it in to the garbage?

GREAT article — lets honor vets that do not declaw and boycott those that do!

Jul 28, 2010 Its a start!
by: Tracey (England)

Well folks In principle I agree with you but at least its a start; people will start to see that this is very wrong and it isn’t just done as routine anymore.

Well done to the vet that won’t de-claw for any reason; a great pity that there aren’t many many more like him and yes I tghik its a brilliant idea to promote the good ones and trash the bad ones.

Jul 28, 2010 Skaer clinic almost humane
by: Ruth

Yes Michael, it’s a very good idea to promote good vets and from what I can see there must be one good vet at Skaer clinic who won’t declaw because it says two of them will as a last resort and the pictures on their web site show three vets.
What a pity they declaw at all, no there is no last resort reason to declaw,the only reason would be for the cat’s welfare if he had an incurable disease in his toes.
It’s not good enough to declaw for any other reason.
There are no such things as bad cats but there are bad ‘owners’
Those ‘owners’ need educating as to the fact that cats claws are essential to them.
So come on Skaer clinic,go all the way, refuse to declaw any cat for the ‘owners’ convenience,join the civilised world where no vet agrees to adapt any animal on behalf of ignorant or selfish owners.
You trained to help animals and the animals should be your first priority !


Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 28, 2010 Credit where it is due
by: Barbara

It is refreshing to come across a veterinary website that actively discourages declawing, full marks to them for what they wrote and for asking clients to contact them to discuss humane alternatives to declawing, I too wish they had gone just one step further and told us that they did not perform declaw procedures at all. It’s a bit like saying to someone, “You shouldn’t have a slice of cake because you really must lose weight and we can give you tips on how to lose the weight and plenty of support while you diet, but if you still want the cake then we’ll give you a great big squishy chocolate gateau”
No, should mean no, it shouldn’t mean no, maybe, oh go on, ok then. Or am I being too hard?

Anyway credit to them, I hope they stick to what they say and that declawing in their clinic is as rare as hens teeth!

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