Red’s Memorial: Decision on Donations

This a follow up page to Remembering Red and the page on how to place charitable donations (both links open a new tab so you stay on this page).

This is my selection subject to any further ideas.

I have read all the comments which discussed where the money should go. Thank you very much for your thoughts.

Criteria for selection

  • We should select more than one charity as it is financially more prudent. I want to make sure Marc’s money works as well as it can.
  • If a PoCer has regular contact with a charity we then have some knowledge of the charity from first hand experience. I like that. It is reassuring as we know where the money is going. I therefore favour such charities. Also, these charities have a connection with PoCers and I believe that should be factor in deciding.
  • If the selected charity is outside the UK it should have a PayPal donation facility. PayPal charge for a transaction, of course, but the banks do too if you pay internationally and in my experience they charge more than PayPal. Also it is still quite cumbersome and troublesome making international payments even in the 21st century. It requires telephone calls, authorisations and bank details etc.
  • I have picked five giving $200 or currency equivalent to each.

Selected Charities

  1. Friends of Felines’ Animal Rescue Center – Marc suggested this organisation. They have PayPal and a website. Update: one day after this post. This part of the donations is Marc’s call and he has told me in a comment that he actually prefers Kays Hill so Kays Hill it is. Kays Hill is a small animal sanctuary in the north of England doing wonderful work.
  2. The Cat Network in West Allis – Ruth (Monty’s Mom) visits and knows the place. They have PayPal and a website.
  3. Cats Protection – Wear Valley & Darlington – They don’t have PayPal but I can pay by debit card and hold back the equivalent in my PayPal account. They have a website. Cats Protection is a network of branches so there is a local element to what is a large organisation. Recommended by Ruth and Barbara
  4. Arc – Goa, India – Companion animals in India need help. They have PayPal and a website.
  5. Warm Fuzzy’s – Elisa recommended it. Marc wants to donate to small, semi-unknown organisations and I agree. They operate on a shoestring. The have 35 cats in their care. They have pressing financial demands. They have PayPal and a website.

In addition, Marc said I could take $50. Well, I’ll donate that to the Snow Leopard Trust. They do great work. We should not forget the wild cats.


It is important that everyone sees evidence of payment. What I will do it provide screenshots of PayPal payment confirmations. “Screenshots” are in effect photographs of the computer screen. Ruth and Babz can provide documentary of some kind.


Please provide feedback if you want to. I will listen. I’ll make the payments on Friday 5th July 2013.

Please search using the search box at the top of the site. You are bound to find what you are looking for.

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