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Reeva Steenkamp Loved Cats — 8 Comments

  1. Hi Michael, it’s morning here, so Good Morning!
    Reeva was a pretty girl/woman , no doubt and I am sorry, she got murdered by his own BF, I guess who is no more accused for her being murdered 🙁

    I say it is good when we come to know that the celebrities love cats or they have stray cats to be cared or feed.

    I can understand the feeling for stray or feral cats. I can only pray for her now 🙁 God bless her after worldly life and until the judgement day, May she rest in peace, amen <3 (cry)

    • I agree, Ahsan, that it is good when celebrities love cats (provided they respect them!) and especially when they rescue cats. It raises the profile of the domestic cat and allows us to promote cat rescue.

  2. Oh go ahead, Michael. Show her pic.
    She was voted the 40th most sexiest woman in the world. Show her pic; then, show Chris, my heartthrob.
    Who needs Viagra tonight?

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