Reeva Steenkamp Loved Cats

I want to write very briefly about, and with the greatest of respect for, the late Reeva Steenkamp, who as you may know was shot dead by Oscar Pistorius in his bathroom, in Pretoria, South Africa.

The world has watched this story and the trial. For the record I believe Pistorius is guilty of murder and that he has been very lucky to be convicted of culpable homicide (manslaughter in England). The judge decided there was no intent to kill Reeva and that her killing was an accident arising out of gross recklessness on the part of Oscar Pristorius. I disagree but…

The point I’d like to make is that Ms Martin, who is the prosecution witness giving evidence at the sentencing trial, told the court that Reeva Steenkamp loved cats. I was very pleased to hear that. She must have been a tender, loving woman.

Ms Martin spent ten minutes describing Ms Steenkamp’s cats, a collection of strays from the streets of Johannesburg that she had domesticated.

Ms Steenkamp was a cat rescuer and God bless her for that. My condolences to her family.

8 thoughts on “Reeva Steenkamp Loved Cats”

  1. Hi Michael, it’s morning here, so Good Morning!
    Reeva was a pretty girl/woman , no doubt and I am sorry, she got murdered by his own BF, I guess who is no more accused for her being murdered 🙁

    I say it is good when we come to know that the celebrities love cats or they have stray cats to be cared or feed.

    I can understand the feeling for stray or feral cats. I can only pray for her now 🙁 God bless her after worldly life and until the judgement day, May she rest in peace, amen <3 (cry)

    • I agree, Ahsan, that it is good when celebrities love cats (provided they respect them!) and especially when they rescue cats. It raises the profile of the domestic cat and allows us to promote cat rescue.

  2. Oh go ahead, Michael. Show her pic.
    She was voted the 40th most sexiest woman in the world. Show her pic; then, show Chris, my heartthrob.
    Who needs Viagra tonight?


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