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Reflections on Thanksgiving with my cat Koal — 12 Comments

  1. very true cats are very smart sometimes i think they out smart me at times lol i don’t know what i would do without a cat in my life

    • Thank you Darlene. I’m so pleased that you are having such a nice relationship with your new cat. I also particularly liked the fact that he is black. You have given a chance to a black cat to have a very nice life with a person who loves him and that person is you. Well done.

      • thanks michael yeah black cats are precious i love koal so much his personality is unbelievably awesome!! every black cat should find a loving home to call their own forget about the rumors about black cats i know everyone has their opinions on that subject what matters is the people who do own a black cat knows better to not believe the rumors told and thank you michael i do love koal so very much take care and god bless

        • Until I looked after Gabriel I always had black or black and white cats. This was because they were the cats there, around me, who needed to be rescued. Black and white is quite a common coat type for a domestic cat as is black. Unfortunately, there is still quite a lot of superstition surrounding black cats. Humankind is still very suspicious and superstitious.

            • Yay for black cats! Black cats rule! I also am glad you adopted a black cat. Elisa did an article some time ago about black cats being naturally healthier and more resilient. It’s not myth, it appears to be some genetically linked traits inclining them to better health– like an added bonus for the cats with black fur.

    • Darlene, Koal is beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Those are the days money can’t buy.

      I think black cats are very special. I know what you mean about him helping you to feel that Milo is still near. I used to call my black cat Merlin, my little dark angel.

      It’s said that cats will sometimes attempt to bury their food dish because they want to save the meal for later. They also know that the smell of food would attract unwelcome visitors such as rivals or predators. Try feeding him small portions so that everything gets eaten in one go. If the water dish is next to the food you might want to consider moving it somewhere else. Apparently cats would never choose to drink from a water source close to where they eat, because bacteria from the food could contaminate the water. How do they know all these things by instinct? (lol)

        • Much of their behaviours are based on instinct. It seems that survival knowledge is hardwired into their DNA.

          They’re also pretty smart animals, capable of learning new things very quickly. Especially if it benefits them in some way.

  2. Dear Darlene, Koal is not really hungry for his own plate: he just wants to accept your tokens from the Thanksgiving plate and connect with you in this way. That explains him covering his food bowl *
    If I’m right, he also loves to chase morsels across the floor or when dropped within his reach?
    Koal is a Happy Kitty_

  3. Thank you Darlene for telling us about your Thanksgiving experience with Koal. I’m sorry that I was late in publishing it. I can see that you have a beautiful relationship with him just as you had with Milo.

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