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Regina animal hospital stops declawing cats. Growing number of vets want to stop. — 6 Comments

  1. Its weird that people are shocked at a dog being declawed but not a cat especially when the dog was declawed for the same reason that cats are; causing an inconvenience to humans, in the case of the dog it was the annoying sound of claws on wooden floors 🙁

    I am delighted that yet another vets practice has decided to stop; I think there will be many more no one wants to be ‘the last man standing’

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  3. The outcry about the few dogs declawed is still going on too, what a pity those people weren’t outraged and shocked and didn’t fight to stop the thousands of cats being declawed all the decades it’s been happening.

  4. Yes it’s good news, every time I see on face book that another vet practice has given up declawing I’m so pleased!
    They must know they can’t deny much longer that declawing causes cats many problems, even if it isn’t botched.
    I couldn’t believe a couple of weeks ago a vet stating on an anti declaw page that she hadn’t heard of the Paw Project work until very recently and didn’t know they were repairing paws. Also that she didn’t know that declawing causes problems. I find that very hard to believe when even we in other countries have known about the Paw Project and their work for years! She went on to say she only did a few a year anyway, a few too many for the cats she mutilated I’d say!
    Of course the diehards are still declawing, still advertising it and getting away with it, but surely their days must be numbered now!
    What a wonderful day it will be when declawing is consigned to the history books and we can be really happy that we helped to put it there.

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