Regis, the York Chocolate

by Kate D
(Edmonton, AB, Canada)

Can I Eat This Yet?

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Can I Eat This Yet?

This is my cat, Regis. The day I picked him up, I was answering an ad in the newspaper for "free long-haired kittens". Upon seeing him and his litter-mates, I knew they were more than just a litter of farm cats someone needed to get rid of... They were ALL either chocolate brown or lilac in colour! There were probably 6-8 of them. And yes, he turned out to be medium-haired.

I've been researching his kind on the net for about 2 years now, and was only ever able to find out-dated information on the York Chocolate. I was pleased to finally find this site and see other people who are as interested in this unique breed as I am. Initially, I wanted to breed Regis, as he fit the breed description BEAUTIFULLY however he got quite yowly and territorial as he matured, and had to be neutered.

He is a very sensitive boy who loves to constantly be around his people, but at a safe "watching" distance. Though very social and very much a "satellite" cat, I think he is very sensitive to over-stimulation. He much prefers to be at the foot of the bed, rather than cuddled up under the covers. He doesn't take well to change, either.

As a kitten he ADORED baths and water, but I didn't see a need to keep up with bathing; he does a fine job grooming himself, and I didn't want him to develop any skin problems from shampoos. Now he just enjoys chasing the tap water down the sink, or catching a drink from any drippy faucet. He will fetch a toy from time to time, and loves to do tricks for treats; he's a very fast learner, but bores very easily.

He has a very distinct meow that reminds me of a Siamese. He vocalizes about as much as a Siamese, also (all day, every day!).

I realize he's probably not a "real" York Chocolate, but he certainly fits the description to a tee. He was adopted in the area of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I have always wondered if any of his siblings (or the farmer who gave him up!) might be out there... It's good to know I'm not the only one searching for info on this seemingly lost breed!


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Regis, the York Chocolate

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May 17, 2010
Gorgeous Boy!
by: Anonymous

He looks like the real deal to us! He demonstrates many York Chocolate traits. WOW!! He's beautiful! Sammi De Kat is our Lil Girl.
Regis brings so much affection and is eye candy.
Look at the Cats & Kittens magazine for March 2005. The York Chocolate Orbits The Owner

Apr 30, 2010
by: Finn Frode, Denmark

Not all cats are lap cats, but they can be just as social in their own way. I think 'Satelite cat' is a good description, Kate.
And whatever is in Regis' genes, you got yourself a great looking semi-longhair with a very special character. 🙂

Finn Frode avatar

Apr 28, 2010
Hi Kate
by: Michael

Thanks for visiting. Regis actually looks a very impressive male cat in the picture. There is a considerable interest in the York Chocolate for what could be described as a breed that is not in the mainstream. And I think Regis has the "genotype" (genetic makeup) and phenotype (expression of the genes) of a York Chocolate but as you say is probably not a purebred cat as there appears to be no pedigree.

Judging by the visitor's stories, I think there might be a bit of a pool of York Chocolate cats out there that although not formally purebred pedigree cats, they could be.

I know what you mean by a satellite cat. My girl (a lady now) cat is like that. It doesn't mean that they are stand offish, it is just their character.

We love them on their terms don't we.

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