Remember the kitten that was covered in spray foam? Look at him now!

The transformation is fabulous and he has been re-homed too. There are wonderful, kind-hearted people in cat rescue. The lady in the picture is Denis and she has adopted Lucky McFoamy. He will be an indoor cat. Lucky was a stray cat before these events and so this might be the first time he has experienced a nice, loving home. The Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter did all the work to make things good. They have not found the abuser. SEE ORIGINAL POST ON THIS STORY.

Cat encased in foam now fully recovered and rehomed.
Lucky McFoamy hugged, loved and kissed by his guardian, Denise. Photo: Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter
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Cat encased in foam
As he was and partially cleaned up.

UPDATE! Several weeks ago, this kitten was found encased in spray foam in a garbage can and was saved by quick thinking on the part of the garbage collector. In the course of the investigation, it was determined the kitten was a stray and didn’t belong to anyone. The investigation did not uncover who did it. Now named Lucky McFoamy, he has made a full recovery and is going to a wonderful new home. Denise was one of the first people to see him when he was brought to a local vet clinic for emergency treatment, and she is elated to make him part of her family. Denise tells us that Lucky will be an indoor cat and will have two other cats and a dog as companions. Here are a few photos of Lucky on his adoption day with Denise and saying goodbye to some of our staff who cared for him at the shelter and worked on his case!

Washington County Sheriff’s Office posting the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter update
Denise with the shelter staff who did their magic and make Lucky healthy and found a home for him. Photo: Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter

“Awwww… sweet baby! Now you get to have the loving home you so deserve! Such a pretty furbaby”

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