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  1. So handsome, R.
    I’m not able to look at pics that I have even from that long ago.
    I don’t know why I’m like that.

    • Bless him. He is remembered. He had a very interesting tabby marking on his forehead and a very strong classic tabby coat.

  2. 13 years since we said goodbye to Bryan, where do those years go, still missing him every day.
    Here he is at our old home with Ebony who also left us, almost 6 years ago now.
    R.I.P little friends together

  3. Bryan would have been 23 years old today.
    I fully empathise with Michael and other PoC visitors who are still grieving many years after losing a special cat, I will always love and miss Bryan.

    • I just read this story now. It must be sad every year on this day – and then in another month the day of his passing too. I love tabby cats. It’s sad he only lived 10 years or so. It seems too short. Poor Bryan, I bet he was wonderful.

    • He was such a lovely cat and funny as well, they broke the mold when they made him, still miss him after all these years. RIP little lad.

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