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Ten years ago today we said goodbye to our beloved Bryan.

He came to us as a tiny kitten soaked to the skin. Some children brought him to our door, they said they had found him in a pond, in a carrier bag with a brick in it too.

How could anyone be so cruel as to try to drown a tiny kitten like that!

We already had Bert, Alice and Felix. Bryan settled in beautifully with them all. He particularly loved Bert who was very old. He washed his head and ears for him, but sometimes got a bit too enthusiastic and we had to rescue poor Bert so he could have a bit of peace.

Sadly Bert died of old age a few months later and Alice was diagnosed with a brain tumour and we lost her too.

Bryan got along well with Felix and then Ebony came along and all three had fun and games.

After the death of our mother Bryan was my rock! He kept me going many a time, he had his own high chair in the kitchen to 'help' me there and he slept on my bed.

But he did live his own life too, going off out to enjoy the sunshine and the grass and hunting mice but he had plenty of time and lots of love for when he came home.

Just after his tenth birthday he didn't seem too well, it was nothing we could pinpoint but I knew something was wrong. Three vets at the practice we were with then couldn't find anything wrong and one more or less called me neurotic.

Then suddenly he deteriorated quickly, started hiding and stopped eating. The fourth vet of the practice came out to our house and found a lump in his tummy too advanced to operate on. She did say the particular place the growth was it would have been hard to diagnose and more than likely terminal even if he'd been diagnosed sooner and operated on. But we will never know if that was right or not.

I held him while she put him to sleep, having lost our mother horribly to cancer not long before that, we couldn't let Bryan suffer the same fate, but it was the hardest thing ever to make that decision.

We still miss Bryan even all these years later, he was very special and his life was far too short.

R.I.P Bryan we will never forget you

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Aug 06, 2010 Sad
by: Edward

Im so sad for you man
RIP Bryan

Aug 04, 2010 R.I.P Bryan
by: Rose

R.I.P beautiful boy.Your life was much too short.

Aug 03, 2010 Well Done
by: Michael

You gave him a good life and you were with him to the end. He was lucky that you found him. He couldn't have had a better human companion.

Michael Avatar

Aug 03, 2010 RIP Bryan
by: Barbara

Bryan was gorgeous, though he absolutely adored Ruth and was her special cat he had plenty of love left over for me too. At night when I called to say goodnight to him on Ruth's bed he would let me stroke him for a while and then he'd give me a goodnight bite! He was always funny, he once fell in the swing bin, and once he got shut in the fridge and several times he misbehaved in front of company doing things he would never normally dream of doing. They broke the mould when they made Bryan and even now there is a great big brown tabby hole where he should be.
RIP little brother, you were one in a million.

Barbara avatar

15 thoughts on “REMEMBERING BRYAN”

  1. So handsome, R.
    I’m not able to look at pics that I have even from that long ago.
    I don’t know why I’m like that.

    1. Bless him. He is remembered. He had a very interesting tabby marking on his forehead and a very strong classic tabby coat.

  2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    13 years since we said goodbye to Bryan, where do those years go, still missing him every day.
    Here he is at our old home with Ebony who also left us, almost 6 years ago now.
    R.I.P little friends together

  3. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    Bryan would have been 23 years old today.
    I fully empathise with Michael and other PoC visitors who are still grieving many years after losing a special cat, I will always love and miss Bryan.

    1. I just read this story now. It must be sad every year on this day – and then in another month the day of his passing too. I love tabby cats. It’s sad he only lived 10 years or so. It seems too short. Poor Bryan, I bet he was wonderful.

    2. He was such a lovely cat and funny as well, they broke the mold when they made him, still miss him after all these years. RIP little lad.

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