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Removal of Cats May Not Result in the Recovery of a Threatened Species — 3 Comments

  1. What I do love though is that you are finally admitting to everyone and agreeing that your cats are a destructive invasive species. Oh? Didn’t you notice that? I did. 🙂

  2. Here you go. Here’s how “terrible” it works in the real world, to support your “accurate” mathematical models.

    theguardian (dot) com (slash) environment/2015/sep/09/threatened-wallaby-species-gets-a-lifeline-thanks-to-indigenous-rangers

    Cherry-pick some more school-desk authored pavement-brained delusions to believe. That’ll finally make you sane.

  3. How nice that that “mathematical model” didn’t include enough examples (variables) from the real world. You know, like all those native predators that are already there that are much better predators of rodents than cats, but the cats actually kill those off. You know, those real world things they conveniently left-out so you can use that information to make yourself even more psychotic and blind to the real world that lies beyond your pavement-brained and Toxoplasma gondii brain-damaged perception.

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