Removing blood from a mouse my cat ate on my bedspread

Conclusion: if you have a blood stain on your bedspread because your cat ate a mouse on it as my cat did a couple of nights ago the best way to remove the stain is to use an ice cube and maybe a toothbrush. Sounds too good to be true? There’s a video at the bottom of this page which shows you how to do it and I’ve just tried it. It worked perfectly which surprised and delighted me because it has saved me either a dry-cleaning bill or purchasing hydrogen peroxide and fiddling around using a different method. Using a bit of ice (and it need not be an ice cube because I did not have an ice cube) is incredibly simple and you can do it immediately. It took me about five minutes to remove an ugly bloodstain from the middle of an expensive quilted bedspread.

Removing blood from a sheet
Removing blood from a sheet. Screenshot from the video. I used the method to remove mouse blood from a quilted bedspread.
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The back story

The back story may be of passing interest to one or two people. I normally sleep, believe it or not, in the living room near the kitchen! Don’t ask me why but it works really well as I live alone in quite a big house over three floors. The other night I slept upstairs because it was so hot and it started to rain hard which caused the noise of rain striking a flat roof. Downstairs my bed is raised off the ground with legs on a hard floor. My cat normally brings mice under the bed to eat at around 2-3 AM. The blood is easily removed.

My bed upstairs is solid. There is no space underneath it. My cat likes to bring the mice to me and eat them in what he considers to be his den which is under my bed. As that space wasn’t available to him, he ate it on the bedspread which meant a splattering of blood in two places. This is how the blood arrived on the bedspread which caused a bit of consternation because the circumstances behind it were unusual and I’ve not slept in that bed for a very, very long time. As soon as I did, I had a problem. Moral: don’t do it again.

Another moral: use YouTube to find good solutions to little problems which are irritating. This blood-cleaning method is a good example. I hope you find it useful.

The video

My thanks to the very sensible guy who made it.


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