Removing Ticks From Pets

by Susie Bearder

Tick removing device

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Tick removing device

Tick removing device Tick removing device

When I first encountered ticks on our animals, ignorance on my part and a certain squeamishness meant that I went to the vets to deal with it. I know, I know.... I have come a long way.

My various searches of the internet didn't help particularly as they just weren't clear enough and were full of dire perils like not leaving the head in.

The other issue was what exactly to use. This little gadget has been the most effective in my opinion. Being steel (easily washable), good grip for fingers and strong I felt much more in charge of this little operation - which I am sure is conveyed to the animal.

The 'v' of the remover can be slipped with a little pressure under the tickhead along the skin and the tick will finally have to release its hold as the gadget moves totally under the body of the tick.

I took these photos meaning one day to share them with other people who may be a bit like me.


Hi Susie... Thanks for the nice tip. Please tell us the name of the device and where you got it.

Are ticks commonplace in Spain?

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Removing Ticks From Pets

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Sep 21, 2010 Device
by: Michael

Susie has pointed me in the direction of this device: Pro-Tick Remedy II Tick Remover.

Here is a US page selling it: (new window)

Sep 21, 2010 Pro Tick Remedy
by: Susie Bearder

Hi Michael

The gadget is made in USA and called Pro Tick Remedy - it carries a little medallion which also says
Avoid Tick Bite First , Be Aware - Protected- Prepared.

I have to say we bought ours in UK but I have just googled this product and American people will probably know this company quite well. I found a camping company selling this gadget at $3.99.

Our animals used to pick up ticks in the fields around our previous home in Hampshire UK.

Here in our corner of Spain ticks are a menace for part of the year. We religiously use Frontline on the dogs and cats. However if we are a little late in missing their applications you can be dead sure a tick will start to feed off them. Even with this product ticks jump on the dogs and I frequently find this tiny little creature in our bed. (Yes most of our critters like a bit of human comfort)

I notice the farmers dont bother with their animals - maybe for obvious reasons as the costs of protection are quite high. They just let the ticks feed on outside animals and they will fall off after a feed.

We are luckily not surrounded by deer here although the odd one might accidentally pass by.

However when I visit Virginia everyone has to get sprayed and covered up because of Lymes Disease and my young nephew is recovering from this awful problema as I write.

Also my daughter and her partner have a small-holding in Austria and have deer all around them. Cutting grass recently they were both bitten by deer tick necessitating a visit to the doctor for treatment. After treatment they are going to be vaccinated against future risk.

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